Adulting 101: Here's What You Should Be Doing With Your Money
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Adulting 101: Here's What You Should Be Doing With Your Money

With having worked well over 20 different jobs since I was 12, I've learned quite a few things when it comes to managing money.

Adulting 101: Here's What You Should Be Doing With Your Money
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Here are my top 3 recommendations to managing your money!

1. Think Before You Buy

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This might seem like common sense, but trust me it's the little things that you think are harmless that add up and ruin your budget! Any purchase that I've regretted has been because it was an impulse buy. This can be anything from a shirt you saw walking by a store to buying dinner instead of making it or eating the food you prepped beforehand. These things add up!

When it comes to clothing, I like to spend a full week thinking on an item before purchasing. If I still want it after a week then I'll buy it but if I question it even slightly then I will not because it's likely that I won't wear it or I'll get over it after a few wears.

2. SAVE!

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If you constantly work and don't save, you might as well not be working. It'll feel like you never have money and that's a really stressful feeling.

I am a firm believer of saving along the way! This way, you have a rainy day fund if and when you need it! This will also help you if and when you don't have as consistent work or maybe have a few days off from work for whatever reason.

I am also a firm believer in having numerous sources of income because unfortunately life is expensive!

3. Build Your Credit Score


Credit cards are where it gets tricky when it comes to big girl/boy money. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of spending more than you have and accumulating debt. I try to stick to the rule of not spending money on a credit card that I do not have in my bank account at that time. It doesn't always work, but for the most part it keeps me safe and secure.

If you are someone that just cannot handle that access to limitless money, I recommend using a credit card for your subscriptions. Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, etc. add up over time and consistently paying your bill on time on those things will help you build up your credit without running the risk of accumulating debt.

I recently opened a Discover Student Credit card and I absolutely love it. You can sign up too using this link and you'll get $50! There's no catch here because the Discover card does not have any annual fees, but that is definitely something to check for when it comes to opening a credit card.

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