Adult Versions of 5 Baby Items
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Adult Versions of 5 Baby Items

Grown-ups use some equivalents to babies' things

Adult Versions of 5 Baby Items

Adulthood usually means more work, responsibilities, experiences, and wisdom. Hence, we assume that adults are more sophisticated than babies, which we are to some extent. However, in many ways, we are only bigger babies. If you don’t believe me, check out these 5 adult versions of things babies use!

1) Pacifier

Pacifiers soothe fussy babies. It calms the baby down, soothes irritated gums, and gives them something to nibble on before or after being fed.

Adults use chewing gum in the same way. (Some adults use ice). This adult “pacifier” is used as something low-calorie to munch on between meals or as a way to relieve stress.

2) Bib

Babies are extremely messy when they eat. It is as if they have not yet figured out where their mouth is. Their underdeveloped motor skills contribute largely to their messy eating, but what’s our excuse?

We may no longer have spit ups and need to be fed, but we still cannot seem to eat without some sort of bib. Napkins are the adult version of bibs. Whether they are the paper kind we buy or the fancy cloth kind in restaurants, the fact is that, as adults, we have still not mastered eating without spills.

3) “Blankie”

Every child, babies through toddlers, has this one item in the house that means a lot to them. It is usually something soft and familiar; it may be a blanket, piece of clothing, or stuffed animal. The universal name for this thing is “blankie” but a child may name it something unique. They cuddle with it and carry it everywhere with them, they never leave it, and they freak out if they realize that they don’t have it.

Now, tell me adults do not have this same “blankie” relationship with their phones. We carry our phones everywhere, we never leave it, and we freak out if we realize we don’t have it.

4) Tantrums

Temper tantrums are common among kids ages 1-3. It is a normal part of child development, in which kids use crying, screaming, kicking, biting, or spitting, to convey frustration, unhappiness, fatigue, discomfort, or hunger. Their lashing out at these ages is due to undeveloped language skills. They cannot tell their parents exactly what they want, so they lash out. Other times, kids just want everything to go their way… and so do adults, we are only better at concealing our self-centeredness.

Meltdowns are adult tantrums. Sometimes, life is just not following your script and it’s frustrating! Adult tantrums, like road rage, may include yelling, crying, explicit language, throwing things, hitting things (or people), and, in the movies, tearing clothes off hangers because that’s a completely normal reaction, apparently.

5) Bottles

Like the pacifier, a bottle of milk can calm a crying baby. Babies love their bottles, and so do some adults. Adult bottles are no longer filled with milk, but with a liquid that by law, only people over 21 should use. Some adults are soothed by bottles, much like babies. If they have had a stressful day and need to release tension, they grab a bottle.

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