One of my absolute best friends is adopted from Russia. And though she's lived here for the majority of her life, she never lets us forget that she was born in a different country.

She will take any opportunity she can to remind you where she's from.

"The sky is pretty cool." "I'm pretty cool 'cause I'm from Russia."
"I'm at a Greek festival." "I'm Russian."
"You're so blonde." "No, I'm Russian."

She is the most random and crazy person that I know. She jumps around conversations like no other. But her uniqueness makes her all the more special to me. She makes me laugh until I'm literally crying and shows me a whole new perspective of things.

She's also the sweetest person I know. She will go out of her way to make everyone happy. She is so caring, and when she knows I need it, her maternal instincts come out to comfort me (even though I'm two years older).

I have never doubted our friendship for a single second in all the years that I've known her.

All I know is that I'm so thankful she is here in America, rather than over in Russia.

She is loyal, trust-worthy, funny and wild. She is down to bake at midnight, have random dance parties at two in the morning and then drive to Target the next day to just talk while we walk around.

I wouldn't change our friendship for all the money in the world.

She's my best friend. We don't have to talk every single day for me to know that's a true fact.

Russia's really missing out on you, pal. But I'm so glad God knew that I'd need you here in my life. I love ya.