Adopted Friends Are Twice As Special

Adopted Friends Are Twice As Special

They were really chosen to be in your life.


One of my absolute best friends is adopted from Russia. And though she's lived here for the majority of her life, she never lets us forget that she was born in a different country.

She will take any opportunity she can to remind you where she's from.

"The sky is pretty cool." "I'm pretty cool 'cause I'm from Russia."
"I'm at a Greek festival." "I'm Russian."
"You're so blonde." "No, I'm Russian."

She is the most random and crazy person that I know. She jumps around conversations like no other. But her uniqueness makes her all the more special to me. She makes me laugh until I'm literally crying and shows me a whole new perspective of things.

She's also the sweetest person I know. She will go out of her way to make everyone happy. She is so caring, and when she knows I need it, her maternal instincts come out to comfort me (even though I'm two years older).

I have never doubted our friendship for a single second in all the years that I've known her.

All I know is that I'm so thankful she is here in America, rather than over in Russia.

She is loyal, trust-worthy, funny and wild. She is down to bake at midnight, have random dance parties at two in the morning and then drive to Target the next day to just talk while we walk around.

I wouldn't change our friendship for all the money in the world.

She's my best friend. We don't have to talk every single day for me to know that's a true fact.

Russia's really missing out on you, pal. But I'm so glad God knew that I'd need you here in my life. I love ya.

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20 Phrases All Roommates Say To Each Other

Some common phrases all roommates have said to each other at some point.

1. Do I have to go to class?

2. When do you have class today?

3. Want to get lunch before your next class?

4. Do you think I need to wash my hair? I can’t tell if it’s greasy.

5. What’s the weather? I don’t know what to wear.

6. Are you going out tonight?

7. What should I wear tonight?

8. Can I borrow a shirt?

9. We have to watch *insert Netflix show here*.

10. Want to order in dinner tonight?

11. We have to take a cute picture tonight so I can Instagram.

12. Is this a good caption for my Instagram? How’s the edit?

13. Ok I instagrammed … go like and comment.

14. We should probably clean our room soon.

15. Can I borrow your *insert random item here*

16. I’m so hungry.

17. I think it’s time to do our laundry.

18. I’m going to start eating healthy and go to the gym more.

19. The dining hall menu is so bad today.

20. Thanks for being my best friend.

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An Open Letter To The Friend Who Continues To Save My Life

No one knows me like you do.


From the day we became friends, we have always had nothing but support for one another. Although we have only really been friends for about seven years now, I feel as if you have always been a part of my life. You know me just as well as you know yourself, and I understand you in the same way I understand my own thoughts and feelings.

You have never made me feel pressured, insecure, or unappreciated. The mutual respect we have for one another is unmatched. We can talk to each other about anything; from some of the most trivial topics to entire life philosophies. We have grown and matured together, and I couldn't be more proud of the person you are today.

We don't always agree on everything, and I always appreciate your fresh point of view, but I have never felt more in sync with another person than I do with you. We share the same birth month, the same age, the same home town, the same anxieties, and many of the same attitudes and values.

I feel as if you know exactly when I want to be alone and when I need company. Since we are both introverted, we understand that the other person needs time to recharge. And when I'm sitting alone with nothing to do, I always get a text from you asking to hang out.

In some of my loneliest, most vulnerable moments, you have been there. When I question how many true friends I really have, you are always sure to make your love for me known.

Through high school, and now college, we have experienced so many life-changing events together. Some that have taught us extremely valuable lessons, and others that have shown us incredible pain and how to grow from our lowest moments.

I want to thank you for showing me what life-long friendship looks like. Thank you for always understanding me and never putting too much pressure on me. I see an incredible future for both of us no matter where each of our lives takes us.

We will always share a unique connection that cannot be separated by any distance. But, for now, I'm glad you're only one text or phone call away.

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