Adele: A Living, Breathing Idol
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Adele: A Living, Breathing Idol

The British pop sensation as an American idol.

Adele: A Living, Breathing Idol
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Adele has been singing her way into our hearts since the 2000s. Her soothing voice and relatable lyrics created an international fan base that absolutely adores her. Let's face it, we have all had a time or two belting out one of her songs after a particularly bad break-up or just to feel empowered. I know I for one aspire to be her, because of both her voice and her life.

In her career, Adele has only released three albums in the seven years she's been in the music business. Going from age 19 to 26 in front of the world, this magnificent lady has warmed all of our hearts through her songs. When you broke up with your significant other, you probably listened to 21 , her break-up album always able to get you through the seven stages of break-up grief, especially the anger stage. Songs like "Rolling in the Deep" and "Set Fire to the Rain" were songs anyone could belt and just feel better afterward. When you entered a new relationship, you could listen to any number of songs on her album "25 ." "Sweetest Devotion" and "All I Ask" are songs that can express your deepest emotions to another.

Not only does she inspire me through her music, she also does through her life. In between her second and third album, Adele took about 4 years off to take care of her new baby. Adele took off work in the height of her career to be the best mother she could be to her young son. By putting family before career, she immortalizes the saying "family will always come first." Along with taking time off for her son, another endearing quality she possesses is that she is just plain funny. I don't know if you have ever heard her talk or seen her Car Karaoke, but she is hilarious and a jokester. Every time I watch it — and, yes, I have watched it multiple times and you probably have too — I feel like it gets more and more funny.

Some more fun facts about her: she isn't allowed access to her Twitter anymore, because when she was younger and Twitter first came out, she would drunk-tweet so her management told her it had to go through someone to get signed off before it was actually posted. She also has a cussing problem as well; she literally says what she wants when she wants. If that doesn't show she's down to earth, I don't know what is.

All in all, Adele to me is my soul hero. If I could grow up to be an ounce like her, I think I would die of happiness.

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