Adele Didn’t Need To Lose Weight To Gain Recognition
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Adele Didn’t Need To Lose Weight To Gain Recognition

Her weight loss doesn’t affect her beauty.


Out of all of the random questions brewing in my mind lately, I keep asking myself: Why did Adele need to lose weight for people to consider her as beautiful? Now, don’t get me wrong. Sometimes weight loss is beneficial to a person’s health and can be seen as a goal for most people to feel better about themselves. However, I can’t help but notice that not many people discussed their admiration for Adele’s looks before her weight loss transformation. Adele is beautiful at any size because she is more than a public figure to be perceived by others.

Back in the late 2010s, Adele’s strong voice boomed through radio stations everywhere, gaining notice for the emotional power in her vocal work. Songs like “Rolling in the Deep” and “Rumor Has It” gave her a loud, proud way to stand out in the world of lighthearted radio tunes drowning in Autotune nowadays. One cannot simply deny that this voice was not beautiful; however, people only used to associate the words “talented” and “great singer” with Adele.

The public seems to want to only identify this powerful songbird with one label at a time, which seems small-minded in my humble opinion. Adele was beautiful in 2010 as a plus sized woman singing her heart out. The shape of her body shouldn’t overshadow the depth and grace in her soulful singing voice, and vice versa. The way she sings and the way she looks should both be considered as attributes to her beauty as a human being, rather than being limited to what one word descriptions that online articles give her.

At the end of the day, it is up to Adele to determine how she is beautiful as an individual. Adele’s transformation makes me hope that people will eventually understand that the concept of beauty is multi-layered and limitless in how it can define a person.

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