Why You Can't Stop Watching 'Grey's Anatomy,' No Matter How Mad It Makes You
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8 Times I Wanted To Pull The Plug On 'Grey's Anatomy' But Kept Watching Because I Love It Too Much

When they couldn't let Meredith be single...

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At the end of the month, "Grey's Anatomy" will be entering its 15th season on air. Fifteenth season! This record makes it the longest-running drama series on ABC with TV drama's highest-earning lead actress, Ellen Pompeo. Known less for its peculiar medical cases, and more for what goes on in the surgeon's lives, the series has put its viewers through a never-ending rollercoaster ride.

There have been points when I've gotten so upset by the direction of the plot and character development that I would stop watching for days or weeks. However, the curiosity and need to know what's going on has always left me coming back for more, regardless of whether I liked it or not. That being said, here are most, if not all of the times that have left me beyond angry with decisions made by both the writers and the cast members.

1. When Cristina left

Sure everyone loves to mourn the loss of Derek, aka McDreamy, but Cristina was no less of Meredith's soulmate. They complemented each other in the best way and brought out the best in one another. She always knew what she wanted especially when it came to her love for surgery. Cristina's relationships with both Burke and Owen were some of the most complicated romances throughout, but that's what made it so compelling to watch.

2. When Meredith and Derek couldn't figure out a good solution when it came to his DC offer

This was stressful, to say the least. A storyline which ultimately leads to his death and one which I felt could've been handled better. Before Derek came back to Seattle to confess that family was what was most important to him, I was on the verge of hating both of the main characters. I mean they're Derek and Meredith, for God's sake! They went through four seasons of just trying to be together, and six trying to build a perfect little family. They survived a drowning, car crash, shooting, and much more, but almost ended their relationship over failure to understand and empathize with each other on what they both wanted out of their futures? No, that definitely wasn't the same couple who got married on their own terms by writing their wedding vows on a post-it.

3. When they couldn't let Meredith be single

After Derek died there was a small period of episodes, probably less than half a season, showing Meredith trying to cope and deal with her new life. In a span that seemed both too short for her and the fans, there was already a list of prospective, male doctors to be the new McDreamy. Where was the time to process the loss of such a major character?

4. Callie and Arizona's sole custody case

These two were another significant relationship of the series, one that unfortunately ended in divorce. I loved them individually as doctors and characters, and even more when they were first together. I while after they separated, and lived somewhat amicably, Callie made the decision to move to New York... with their only daughter... without talking it over with her ex-wife and daughter's mother about it. What was even worse, was during the actual court hearing, Callie tried to say that Arizona was less of a mother to Sofia because they weren't related by DNA. That crossed a line that should never have even been played with.

5. Every time Meredith treated Amelia as less of a sister

Up until Amelia started living with Meredith, there was pretty much no problem with their relationship. They really liked each other, and at one point, Meredith even thought of Amelia as her favorite Shepherd sister. Where was that when Meredith decided to take Derek off of life support? Amelia deserved to know, and not to be told after completing surgery by Owen instead of Meredith that Derek had died. After his death, they both had very different ways of grieving and coping, but instead of trying to go through it together, Meredith would only push Amelia away.

6. Jaggie

This one doesn't need much of an explanation. April and Jackson were supposed to be endgame. The fact that Jackson and Maggie are step-siblings, doesn't bother me as much as the fact that they have no chemistry together, and the relationship just seems too forced.

7. How the medical cases and operating room are featured less and less

What happened to the scenes inside the operating room? Sure they still have them, but the surgery itself is not much of a focal point. Instead, the camera has been staying waist up and more often than not, we hear the doctors talk about their own problems rather than what is going on with the patient. I need more details!

8. How they've attempted to make things more "interesting" by having at least one character either leave or die at the end of each season

This has been a very recent trend for season finales, but frankly, it's getting irritatingly expected. There are better ways to try and make the show more interesting than having beloved characters leave the show. Take April's character for example. For the most part of her eight-season run, she was a supporting presence, but a very dynamic one. It wasn't until right before she left when her full potential really came into light. They tried to rush her conflict with her faith which we should have seen more of as she was growing. She had so many more stories to tell and her eight seasons didn't do it justice.

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Season 15 will start with only four of the show's original characters. At this point, watching season one, it feels like a completely different experience from watching season 14. There are always going to be changes but how long is it going to keep "Grey's Anatomy" alive? Regardless, I know I'll still end up watching, not because I'm anxious to know what happens, but because it's hard to stop when I'm this far in. It will still be one of my favorites, but it can't compare to the good old days with the original five interns, Derek, Mark and Lexie, and all the other characters and relationships which kept the audience on their seats, to begin with.

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