I Actually Like My Little Brother, And You Should, Too

I Actually Like My Little Brother, And You Should, Too

Take off the blindfold and see your little brother as a person, not a little bother.

Little brothers are seriously underrated. People tend to stereotype little brothers as pests. Don't get me wrong, I know there are some little brothers out there who act like the scum of the earth. However, that's not the case for many little brothers, including mine.

Cameron, my little brother, is seven years younger than me. That's a pretty decent sized age gap. I'm currently 17-years-old, which makes Cameron a whopping 10-years-old. Kids that age are usually irritating and just downright evil. Cameron is a different story. Of course, he has his moments, as do all kids, but the good definitely outweighs the bad.

Cameron loves basketball, animals, Marvel, and Nerf guns, among a lot of other interesting things. He's such a smart as well as ambitious kid - he wants to learn as much as he possibly can. He gets upset and insecure when he can't seem to understand something and succumbs to what I like to call his "turtle shell," where he places a mental wall between himself and everyone else. I relate to Cameron in several aspects, but especially in the aspect of insecurity.

Many times, siblings will have things in common or common interests but choose to ignore them instead of embracing them. The siblings who constantly fight might find a resolution if they choose to view their brother/sister as an actual person with likes and dislikes, not as a bother. If they choose to see their brother/sister as a person, who knows?

They might begin to actually like them. I choose to see Cameron as a person, and I think he's awesome. I like his sense of humor and how he strives to be the best he can possibly be in everything he does. I like my little brother, and I'm not ashamed of that.

Love is such an important factor in a sibling relationship. I believe the reason Cameron and I get along so well (for the most part) is that we simply love one another.

Love is an action - it's a choice.

I choose to love Cameron no matter how much I want to rip his head off and feed it to some hungry sharks. Don't tell me you love your little brother when you do so many terrible things to him with no consideration for his feelings; there's a difference between joking around and legitimately being mean.

Cameron is my only sibling, and I've learned not to take him for granted. He's the only brother I'll ever have, and I don't want to jeopardize my relationship with him simply because of fighting rather than getting along.

As an older sister, I encourage anyone with a little brother to evaluate your relationship with him and ask yourself, "Do I really like my little brother?" We need to stop seeing little brothers as little bothers and start seeing them as the treasures they are.

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Cover Image Credit: Olivia Willoughby

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Living As A Twin Has Its Ups And Downs, But I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

The bond that twins have is one of the strongest bonds to exist.


I get this question on a daily basis: "What is it like having a twin?" To me, this question is almost as common as someone asking, "How are you?" I always have the same answer every time. My answer is that I don't know any different, so to me, it's just as weird that they don't have a twin. Everything I've learned and experienced was with her, so that was all I knew. I wonder from time to time what it would be like to have been born without a twin, but I feel like that would've just made my life less interesting. However, having a twin does have its ups and downs.

Being a twin can be difficult at times. I like to describe it as having a shadow that is always by your side or behind you. It can feel as if you aren't your own person because everyone refers to you as one of the twins, never just as you. That aspect can get annoying real fast. Sometimes you just want to be your own person and you feel like you cant be. However, college is one thing that helped me with that part of my life because it allowed me to have many more resources to get involved with things I was interested in, not things we were both interested in.

One thing I can say is that having a twin has way more positives than negatives. It's like a built-in friend, a wombmate if you will. When she makes a friend, I make a friend. When she wants to shop, I get to shop. When she has a problem, I try to fix the problem. The bond twins have is hard to explain, but its one of the strongest bonds I believe exists. This person is with you from the very beginning of your life and understands parts of you that others don't even notice.

As time goes by looking back on it obviously there have been times when I wondered if I would be better off without a twin, but I know I wouldn't be. The older I get the more grateful I am that I have a twin because we are at the stage of our lives where many different things are happening and live in different places. Having a twin makes it just a little easier to get through the rough days because you know you have a permanent friend.

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