4 Fun Ways To Stay Active In College If You Aren't A Gym Rat Or Varsity Athlete

It's easy when you're bogged down with homework and aren't an intense athlete to let physical activity fall by the wayside once classes start. However, there are still ways to flex more than just your mental muscles while school is in session!

Join a club sports team

If you played a sport in high school but did not want the intensity of a varsity sport, club is for you! You still get to be competitive and travel around the region/country, but it isn't as much of a commitment as a varsity team would be. In my opinion, it's the perfect in-between!

Go on a hike by campus

Many college campuses have parks and/or forests on or near campus, and they are absolutely gorgeous. Hikes are fun, and the scenery is beautiful. It's so fun to go with friends and catch up while enjoying the nice outdoors!

Join an intramural sports team

If a club is still a large commitment or if you are just interested in trying out a new sport and having fun while staying active, intramural sports are for you. They are more laidback and include a range of levels from seasoned athletes to beginners. Some non-sports clubs will even have some intramural teams they create that you can hop on! It's a super fun way to meet people with similar interests and have something active to do.

Go to group classes at the campus recreation center

These classes are usually free or cost a really small amount of money. There is a large array of options for group classes that can fit anyone and everyone's preference for working out.

Staying active in college might seem difficult, but hopefully this opened your eyes to get involved and stay healthy. Have a great school year!

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