A lot of men are probably guilty of this at some point in their lives when their actions always speak louder than their words--you know who you are. It's a guilty thing guys do to keep their girls wrapped around their finger, and all of us "girls" have fallen for it at some point. Girls may do it by saying a white lie to impress guys; I admit that I've done it. But why do we do it?

It's a guilty verbal pleasure they have on us girls; they feel as if they have more control if they tell us what we want to hear. But we've got news for you boys: we are not stupid.

We start to figure it out as time passes and you tell us you're going to do something--whether it be a trip or a special date--and you guys end up ditching because you are scared of commitment and 'oh my god' someone actually caring about you and wanting to spend time with you--how dreadful.

Sometimes I think they mean what they say but they are too scared to appreciate, too scared of having commitment because they want to be free. But the real fact of the matter is that we, as women, have to see that and "tell 'em boy bye." If he is not hanging, he is not staying.

Always go with your gut, ladies. You should never have to ask a man to show his appreciation for you or show that he cares; and if you do, run girl run! I'm telling you, don't stay and think that things are going to change, because they aren't, and you deserve better for yourself.

In the end, we all figure out our wants and our needs, and if there's no show and just words, you better know to flip that page and go on with the next chapter in life. You deserve so much more than that.