Words and actions tell a lot about a person. However, as the common saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Now think about that--do your actions always match your words? Are the thoughts and beliefs you hold true about yourself visible in your everyday actions to the person who may not know you? If not, what can you do to make sure that your actions start to match your words?

Everyday we tell people things about ourselves. We are passionate about a topic, we want to see change in the world, we work hard, or we live and lead a Godly life. But how many of these things are actually true? Self-reflection on these topics is definitely needed at times, because if our actions do not match our thoughts then we are not only letting others down but we are also letting ourselves down as well. We are setting ourselves up for failure if we state the words that we believe to be true but do not fully enact them into our actions and our daily lives.

When we tell people that we want to see change in the world, what are we doing to be that change? We can't just sit by and expect the change to happen all on its own. If we want to see that change, then there is a chance that the change may start with us. And even if it doesn't turn out like expected, then we can say we at least played a small part in trying to get it to where it was. Let your words match your actions. Help be that change. Who is to say that we can't be the biggest part of the change and affect the entire world? Somebody has to do it, so why not us? Let your actions match your words--be the change that you want to see in the world.

Another problem that there seems to be in actions matching words is in our faith. Do we really live the style of life that the Bible wishes us to lead? Most people can say, well, "probably not." We may understand what God's Word says, and we may think that we are behaving in a way that would please Him, but there are very few people on this earth who live their lives 100% in a way that would please God every single day. It's almost impossible to do, because none of us are perfect, but we can sure try, and we should try. Every single day we should look to match the words that we believe with our actions. We can do this in so many ways--by spending time in the Bible, by praying and listening to God, and by giving control of our lives up and letting Him be in charge. Let God help you in matching your actions to the words that you speak and believe in your heart each day and you will not be disappointed.

Each day, think about the words you are speaking. Think about what you tell people, think about the morals that you have for yourself, and think about your faith. Do your actions match your words? If they don't, what are some things you can do to finally get to that point? How can you make that personal change in your life each and every day?