Sometimes, certain times in life can make us complacent. The trenches of a college semester can be one of those times. We have established routines full of classes, homework, jobs, and a little time for friends. It's easy to become so established in our everyday routines that we start to miss the most important things. We become content with the way we live and treat others, even if we aren't really being present.

I heard a sermon the other day that really convicted me on the way I view encounters with God. One of the big points was that when you have an encounter with God, it should change some part about your life. Now, this is not to say that we have to work to get to our salvation, but it does mean that we have to meet God in the way he meets us. When he reveals things to us, whether it be a sin, a new promise, or a dream he wants to place in our hearts, we have to be willing to act upon what he shares with us. The Lord knows what we need and very often that means trusting him and obeying, even if it requires discipline. If we don't, then an encounter will simply stay as such, it won't have the chance to truly change the way we live.

A lot of people who have grown up in a Christian environment have had awesome experiences with God. Whether it's at church camp, a worship night, or a mission trip, Christians can often look back to events where God has made an impact on their lives. But there's nothing worse than having a great experience with the Lord and then going back home to find that nothing changes. In order to really receive what the Lord has down in your life, you have to act upon the things he has given you. That looks different for everyone. It might mean committing to spend more alone time with God, praying for specific people or situations, or being bold with evangelism.

Whatever action God calls you to after an encounter, be faithful to act upon what he's given you. Ultimately it leads to life more abundant.