Abortion Rights Are Important

States such as Ohio, Georgia, and Alabama are creating laws that will prevent women from having the right to choose to have an abortion. Specifically, in Alabama, it has intensified the Pro-life vs. Pro-choice, because the bill that was passed in Alabama was intentionally passed in order to challenge Roe v. Wade (1973) which provided the "right to privacy." With this in mind, I believe that abortion rights are important and that I believe that the government should not tell anyone what to do especially with their body.

Under the "The Alabama Human Life Protection Act," it is a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion. This defines the fetus as a legal person "for homicide purposes" and compares abortion to the Holocaust and other genocides. The woman who receives the abortion would not be held "criminally culpable or civilly liable." If this law goes into fruition, there are only two conditions that a person in Alabama could have an abortion- if the fetus has a "lethal anomaly" which would cause death soon after birth or a stillbirth, or if it would "prevent serious health risk" to the mother. With this in mind, I am really against this bill, because a doctor who performs an abortion would be sentenced to 90 years, while a person who commits incest or rape would not have a sentence that high. This bill also does not give women to right to have a person when they were raped or molested. I believe in the right to choose, not because I support the idea of abortion, but I don't believe I should be telling another woman what to do with their bodies. I find this bill utterly ridiculous because they are not taking into account women who have been raped or molested and that is a big issue for me. Women who have been raped or molested should not have to be pregnant by their rapist or molester.

This bill is an attack on women's rights and it's already bad enough that women have to get permission from their spouse to get their tubes tied, yet a man at any age can go and get a vasectomy without their spouse's permission. The role that women have in this society is changing and we are no longer housewives, we are now independent and we shouldn't have laws about our bodies being made by men.

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