10 Effective Ab Workouts For Women
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10 Effective Ab Workouts For Ladies Looking To Be Their Strongest

You won't see results unless you try!

10 Effective Ab Workouts For Ladies Looking To Be Their Strongest

There's honestly nothing better than feeling confident and sexy as you strut poolside in that new bathing suit! I mean, who doesn't want a body they love? No matter your body shape or type, these workouts can help you look and feel great this summer!

1. Weighted V-ups

This exercise can be as simple as you want it to be. If you want a little challenge, use that weight!

2. Leg raises

This is a common and relatively simple exercise. Just make sure you are keeping your core tight and belly button tucked under, so your core is engaged correctly. In this video, she is using a weight to hold on to, but you can always lie your arms down by your sides or behind your head like when you do crunches.

3. Crunch complex

This can be tricky, but it's really effective. It's honestly so fun, too! If you're really struggling, you can always slow it down or remove weights.

4. Ball slams

This is a really unique one! It doesn't seem like it would necessarily work your core, but I promise it does. Make sure to keep your core tight. Contract and twist as you throw the ball.

5. Plank up down to toe touch

Though it looks easy, it's a killer! The speed also makes it pretty difficult, so feel free to slow it down.

6. Scissor kicks

This will attack your lower abs and burn that fat! Make sure to keep that core super tight and those legs controlled as you kick.

7. Cocoon crunch

This is great for an at home workout or at the gym where you can use a light ball instead of a pillow. Also, as she mentions in the caption, having something in between your legs really helps you contact your abs more effectively.

8. Russian twists

This is a basic exercise that goes such a long way. Plus, you can add weight like she did to make it a little more challenging!

9. Knee tucks

This can be so tricky. You really have to keep everything tight and squeeze those muscles! It will burn that belly fat!

10. Weighted reverse crunch

This is a harder one to try if you're looking to challenge yourself! Make sure to contract your core when you bring your legs in and keep your arms and legs tight as well. If you aren't up for it quite yet, you can still do this exercise just without weights!

These are all killer exercises to help you gain the body you want this summer! Try at least one of them and modify them as needed. You won't see results unless you try. Go get it, girl!

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