The 10 Saddest Scenes From The 'A Star Is Born' Remake
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10 Times 'A Star Is Born' Made Us Hopeless Romantics Reach For The Kleenex

Hopeless romantic or not, 10/10, highly recommend this remake.

A Star Is Born
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Let me preface this by saying I didn't actually grab a box of kleenex everytime one of these scenes approached me; however, massive chills did consume my body and nine out of 10 times there were actual tears because I am that person. I will always consider myself the worlds biggest hopeless romantic and this movie did not cut me any breaks. The sweetest phrase or the hardest goodbye can and will make me cry.

Hopeless romantic or not, 10/10, highly recommend this remake.

But this article, in particular, is for all of you who know that this movie is about to destroy your life. And this is just 10 of many moments that the film will break you — no exaggeration.

This article contains spoilers.

The first time Jack sees Ally.

Maybe it's the way he looks at her, but I got massive chills. Ally is singing the very first time that Jack, an already successful musician, sees her, and rather than watching her a leave, Jack meets Ally; that's where it all begins. There was instant chemistry that was inevitable from the first moment that they locked eyes.

The Parking Lot.

Jack and Ally have their first "intimate" conversation full of emotion in the parking lot of a grocery store, the very night that they first meet. Ally sings a song that she writes in the moment, about Jack, and he whispers to her, "I think you might be a songwriter." This is the song that everyone already knows from the "A Star Is Born" soundtrack.

"I just wanted to take another look at you."

Let's make this simple. Ally gets out of the car, Jack rolls down the window to catch her attention, she turns around and those are the words that come from his mouth. "I just wanted to take another look at you." A moment all of the hopeless romantics will fall for.

When Jack brings Ally on stage for the first time.

Jack makes a rendition of the song that Ally sang for him in the parking lot and brings her on stage at one of his concerts to sing it. That was the moment a star was born.

"I don't feel this way about everybody."

Another sappy moment where Ally tells Jack, "I don't feel this was about everybody," and Jack is completely on the same page. This results in his invitation to bring her on a full tour with him.

Finding out who Jacks brother is.

This was a very intense moment. I'm not going into detail, I'm just going to leave it at the simple fact that you will feel multiple emotions in this one scene.

The proposal.

Jack takes an old guitar string, makes a ring and proposes to Ally. And so, they get married; that same day. Every hopeless romantic's dream.

Jacks breakdown.

Jack is an alcoholic who finally goes to rehab for help. After Ally comes to visit him, there is an emotional moment where Jack breaks down, and if you can watch him cry without crying, please teach me how.

The death.

If you have seen the original film, you knew that a death was coming, but nothing would prepare you for it. Earlier in the film, Jack and his brother talk about a time when Jack was a kid. He tried to hang himself from a ceiling fan with a belt, but the ceiling fan fell through. They talked about it as a joke; it wasn't. After an intense conversation with Ally's manager, Jack feels as if the only way Ally will ever be the star that she is meant to be is if he isn't in the picture. She leaves their house and Jack is expected to meet her. He never does. Every scene after his death is gut-wrenching. The scene itself will shock you. The very last thing he says to Ally: "I just wanted to take another look at you."

The final song.

The very final song of the film is a song that Jack had written for Ally. It is a song that she sings at a memorial for him, and it is a song that will break you. Throughout her performance, you see flashbacks from Jack and Ally's first moments together, to their last. At the end of her singing, it shows a clip of Jack singing this song to her. The title: "I'll Never Love Again."

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