A Round-Up Of Everyone's Favorite Burger Joints State-To-State​
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A Round-Up Of Everyone's Favorite Burger Joints State-To-State​

Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day ~September 18~ At Your Favorite Spot

A Round-Up Of Everyone's Favorite Burger Joints State-To-State​

I love a good cheeseburger, it's always my go-to meal when I don't know what I want. Here's a round-up of the best burger place in every state.

Alabama - The Avenue Pub in Tuscaloosa

Screenshot from @foodbaby843 on Instagram

This place is made for eating, drinking, and enjoying yourself with some good company.

Alaska - Arctic Roadrunner in Anchorage

Screenshot from @snack.the.planet on Instagram

Your choice of beef, halibut, or salmon burgers. Get out of your comfort zone and try a not so regular burger, you won't regret it! All served on paper plates, can it get more relaxed?

Arizona - Paradise CHZ in Phoenix 

Screenshot from @esacomida on Instagram

This place has been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and on Man vs. Food. So you know it has to be good! All of their burgers are specialties that you can't get anywhere else, you'll regret it if you pass up the opportunity to eat there.

Arkansas - Smittys Garage Burgers and Beers in Fayetteville

Screenshot from @roughneckrollerderby on Instagram

California - Belcampo Meat Co in Los Angeles

Screenshot from @belcampomeatco on Instagram

They have amazing mouth watering burgers, and their secret? Everything they cook with comes from their organic farm. Eat up and feel good while doing it knowing it's responsibly produced.

Colorado - Fatbelly Burgers in Carbondale

Screenshots from @fatbelly.bkk @evelynlingg on Instagram

Another responsible restaurant that gets their beef locally. If you enjoy a thin, cheese dripping burger this is the place for you.

Connecticut - Bobby's Burger Palace in Uncasville

Screenshots from @dearfood.ily @eatmelasvegas on Instagram

A restaurant opened by famous chef Bobby Flay, so you know it has to be good. They have burgers based on different regions, like adding queso, roasted green chilies, and pickled red onions for a New Mexico style. Come pick out your favorite concoction.

Delaware - Restaurant 55 in Dover

Screenshot from @colleenmcmaa on Instagram

The home of the gourmet burger. Equipped with many special ingredients to spice up your burger, like gorgonzola, avocado, and tomato vinaigrette.

Florida - LoKal in Miami

Screenshot from @theburgeratti @healthylivingbypat on Instagram

A restaurant that prides themselves on being sustainable and having locally sourced ingredients. All around a great place to be and the food can't be beat.

Georgia - The Vortex in Atlanta

Screenshot from @thatredheadedfoodie @bwebmasta @thevortexatl on Instagram

Is about the most extra place you can go. In every sense of the word. They are known for their hardy burger, the Triple Bypass. Comes with three meat patties, three fried eggs, fourteen slices of cheese, ten pieces of bacon, and two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns. Only the most ultimate burger connoisseurs will dare to try it.

Hawaii - Basalt in Waikiki

Screenshot from @basaltwaikiki on Instagram

Known for their $5 happy hour burgers, you can never go wrong with a good burger and a good deal.

Idaho - Dueling Irons in Post Falls 

The portions here are out of this world, way more than anyone actually needs. But if you're up for the challenge and finish your meal it's on them!

Illinois - The Loyalist in Chicago

Screenshot from @theloyalistchicago on Instagram

They have the best classic cheeseburger you could dream of. Once you go you'll want to make a daily stop. Oh, and did I mention that they get all their beef and produce locally in Illinois? Can't beat the freshness.

Indiana - Big Buster in Fort Wayne

Screenshot from @hallsog on Instagram

A long-time favorite, made classic with a double patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and the busters special sauce.

Iowa - Burgerfiend in Cedar Rapids

Screenshot from @burgerfiendcr on Instagram

The name says it all. You'll be dying for the next bite.

Kansas - Busters Burger Joint in Wichita

A small little shack that holds a lot of joy. Known for their classic, glorious, cheap burgers, what could be better?

Kentucky - Ollie's Tolley in Louisville

Screenshot from @thelunchcommittee on Instagram

A historically renowned burger place, it's been around since the 70s so they must be doing something right.

Louisiana  - The Company Burger in New Orleans

Screenshot from @riverbeatsnola on Instagram

Known for their delicious house-made pickles that add a likable crunch.

Maine - McKays Public House on Mount Desert Island

Screenshot from @30burgersinme on Instagram

They use a meat blend for a different tasting burger patty and top it with muenster cheese, and a spicy aioli sauce. Yum. Definitely worth the wait to get a spot to eat.

Maryland - Alewife in Baltimore

Screenshot from @obie74 @irvfabor on Instagram

The atmosphere of this place is almost as good as their burgers. Known for their Smoke Burger that requires a bit of a wait to get all the goodness finely perfected.

Massachusetts - Daddy Jones in Somerville

Screenshot from @stone_and_skillet @daddyjonesbar on Instagram

They are the Daddy of All burgers. Giving a nice greek twist to burgers with spicy aioli, sriracha, sharp cheddar, bacon, mixed greens, onions, and half-sour pickles, served on a local Stone & Skillet English muffin. Talk about different, but it'll be your new favorite once you try.

Michigan - The Brown Bear in Shelby

Screenshot from @live_what_you_love26 on Instagram

Known for burgers with a kick.

Minnesota - P.S. Steak in Minneapolis

Screenshot from @tcburgersblog @tomhorgen on Instagram

A classy place with decadent bar food. Pull up a chair and enjoy your night.

Mississippi - Neon Pig in Tupelo

Screenshot from @justchasingrabbits on Instagram

Has been voted the best burger in America, and boy do they live up to their name. Pick you choice of meat, toppings, and let them grill it to perfection.

Missouri - Black Sheep Burgers and Shakes in Springfield

Screenshot from @jess_letterman @sharon.phoods on Instagram

Has been voted the best burger in Missouri, people drive from all over just to try a bite. They have an exquisite menu, you can't go on wrong with anything on it.

Montana - Brewskers in Bozeman

Screenshot from @brewskersbozeman on Instagram

Enjoy your burger and beer while looking out at the mountains.

Nebraska - Dempsey's Burger Pub in Lincoln

Screenshot from @dempseysburgerpub on Instagram

Made with local ingredients that change with the seasons. You're always in for a fresh treat when stopping by Dempsey's.

Nevada - Burger Bar in Las Vegas

Screenshot from @tcburgersblog @lvfoodguide on Instagram

A chic burger bar that is nothing short of excellent. Enjoy their decadently scrumptious sides.

New Hampshire - Wild Willy's Burgers in Rochester

Screenshot from @anakitchencafect on Instagram

They are known for offering different types of meat patties. From bison, to sirloin, and of course angus beef. Pick your poison and enjoy.

New Jersey - MudHen in Wildwood

Screenshot from @mudhenbrew @thiccmamisli on Instagram

Known for their giant burger patties, beer soaked onions, and fresh mozzarella.

New Mexico - Sparky's in Hatch

Screenshot from @onlyelpasotacos @brisketeater on Instagram

Almost equally known as a roadside attraction as they are for their burgers. Have a complete experience when you stop here.

New York - P.J. Clarke's in New York

Screenshot from @anne_travel_foodie @funwithfries on Instagram

Has been known to have the 'Cadillac of burgers' since the 50s. You can't pass this place up when you're in the city.

North Carolina - Brooks Sandwich House in Charlotte

Screenshot from @brookssandwhichhouse on Instagram

This is a little stop off the road, nothing fancy, just good food. Try they locals favorite and get your burger topped with chili!

North Dakota - The Walrus in Bismarck

Screenshot from @jillysaddogmom on Instagram

Known for their triple threat combination of craft beer, sweet potato fries, and delicious burgers.

Ohio - Nano Brew in Cleveland

Screenshot from @nanobrewcle on Instagram

Good beer and great burgers. Can't beat it.

Oklahoma - Burger Punk in Oklahoma City

Screenshot from @uncoveringoklahoma @vhsandchillokc on Instagram

They are more than just punk names, they are punk burgers and every other guilty pleasure you can think of.

Oregon - Wilder in Portland

Screenshot from Wilder Bar Cafe on Facebook

They top their mouthwatering burgers with a oozy fried egg, pickled onions, and a garlic aioli. Boom. In your mouth.

Pennsylvania - Backyard Ale House in Scranton

Screenshot from @backyardalehouse on Instagram

Comfort food galore, choose from seven different burgers and epic sides.

Rhode Island - Mission in Newport

Screenshot from @jmaedke16 on Instagram

They have glorious burgers, but you can also get some good hot dogs and falafels. Try the Mission burger sauce is on any of the burgers. It's a blend of aioli, ketchup, cornichons, capers, herbs, and brandy.

South Carolina - Burgers and Barley in Rock Hill

Screenshot from @pinkinthemiddleblog @burgersandbarleysc on Instagram

You will devour whatever you decide to pick off their three page menu. They have so many options you'll have to come back to try them all.

South Dakota - Sugar Shack in Deadwood

Screenshot from @faytownfoodiecalls @sugarshackwestfork on Instagram

A hidden gem in the Black Hills known for their bubba burger. If you can find it you can have it.

Tennessee - Pal's Sudden Service in Kingsport

Screenshot from @eatsandkravings_dc @exploration.unknown75 on Instagram

An iconic restaurant that you'll want to stop at for a picture even if you're not hungry. But since you're there you might as well have the local favorite, Double Big Pal.

Texas -  Burgerteca in San Antonio

Screenshot from @yumaham on Instagram

They put a Mexican twist on your regular burger, and once you have it you'll never want to go back to your regular ways.

Utah - Lucky 13 in Salt Lake City

Screenshot from @burgerweekly on Instagram

The locals favorite burger spot, and their fries hit the spot too.

Vermont - Worthy Burger in South Royalton

Screenshot from @wherestheforkk on Instagram

They put a Korean-BBQ spin on their burgers. Using a special sauce and kimchi to take their burgers to the next level.

Virginia - Holy Cow Del Ray Gourmet Burgers in Alexandria

Screenshot from @vafoodie @jessy_eats on Instagram

Try the Popper, an Angus beef patty comes with a smear of cream cheese, bacon, fried jalapeños, chipotle ketchup, and garlic aioli.

Washington - Burger Bungalow in Vancouver

Screenshot from @burgerbungalowvancouver on Instagram

Offering over a dozen hand perfected burgers. Not to mention their vegetarian or chicken options.

West Virginia - Atomic Grill in Morgantown

Screenshot from @thegreatamericanburgertour @atomic_grill on Instagram

Get yourself a grass-fed beef burger, on a bed of lettuce, fried green tomatoes, bacon, swiss cheese, bacon mac and cheese, and BBQ sauce. Bet you can't say that with a mouth full.

Wisconsin - Stack'd Burger Bar in Milwaukee

Screenshot from @stackdburgerbar on Instagram

Phenomenal burgers each with their own twist, pick your favorite and then come back to try some more!

Wyoming - 2 Doors Down in Cheyenne

Screenshot from @2doorsdownhfx on Instagram

The most chill environment you could enjoy a burger. They have many specialty burgers but the local favorite is Barnyard Burger, comes with American cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, fried egg, leaf lettuce, tomato, and mayo all on a pretzel bun. Absolutely scrumptious if I say so myself.

Try these new burger places next time you're passing through.

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