A Movie For Every Letter Of The Alphabet
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A Movie For Every Letter Of The Alphabet

Here are 26 movies to watch

A Movie For Every Letter Of The Alphabet

There are a lot of great movies out there but sometimes there is a shortage of movies starting with Q's, Y's and Z's. On the other side there is a surplus of movies starting with letters like M's and F's, so, I chose my personal favorites. Here are 26 movies for each letter and all explained in a nutshell.

(A): Almost Famous


Almost Famous... a movie about a young boy who falls in love with rock and joins a "Band-Aid" in traveling with the band Stillwater and witnessing the life of a rockstar.

(B): Beetlejuice


Beetlejuice...A cute couple become ghosts and haunt their home. When a family moves in they call on the twisted ghost, Beetlejuice, to scare them off and things take a turn.

(C): Call Me By Your Name


Call Me By Your Name... The story of Elio and Oliver who spend a beautiful summer together in Italy which sadly ends with bittersweet memories and heartbreak.

(D): Donnie Darko


Donnie Darko... A sleep walking teenager sees a bunny telling him the world's ending and audience is left to question the teens sanity.

(E): Ed Wood


Ed Wood... A director sees himself as brilliant but ends up being considered "the worse director ever." However, his Plan 9 From Outer Space still becomes famous due to being dubbed as the worst movie ever.

(F): Fight Club


Fight Club... Although we don't talk about it... "Two" men start a fight club to let go of anger, go against normal standards and end up losing touch of reality.

(G): Girl, Interrupted


Girl, Interrupted... A girl gets sent to a mental hospital and meets a friend named Lisa who has more intense problems. Along with dealing with her sanity, she witnesses the downfall of others.

(H): Hick


Hick... A young girl runs away from her troubled parents only to find a bigger problem. Although she finds a friend, she also finds a deranged cowboy.

(I): Independence Day


Independence Day... A captain goes against the aliens that are invading earth, getting by with his strength and wit.

(J): Joker


Joker... A man who's job is being a clown faces abuse and ridicule, so, he turns into the evil clown well known as "the joker."

(K): Kill Your Darlings


Kill Your Darlings... Two poets share a strong bond and take on the poetry life together, however, things go down and someone ends up dead.

(L): Leon: The Professional


Leon: The Professional... A young girl loses her whole entire family and is taken in by the neighbor who happens to be a hitman. She then learns how to be a "hitman" herself.

(M): My Own Private Idaho


My Own Private Idaho... A young gay hustler (Mikey) who has narcolepsy befriends the rebellious mayors son. They both runaway to find Mikey's estranged mother.

(N): Nightcrawler


Nightcrawler... A deranged journalist breaks moral codes and ethics to get good shots of accidents and home invasions.

(O): Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood... An actor and his stuntman try and make it in Hollywood, meanwhile, the Manson Family is coming up with an evil plan.

(P): Practical Magic


Practical Magic... Two witch sisters go up against an abusive man who becomes a ghost that haunts them. However, he is no match for the Owen sisters.

(Q): Quest For Camelot


Quest For Camelot... An animated tale about a girl who wants to be a knight and a blind man who knows the ropes of the enchanted forest. The two go against the evil knight that wants to destroy Camelot.

(R): Rocky Horror Picture Show


The Rocky Horror Picture Show... A cult classic about a transvestite who lets a couple join the household of strange characters. They sing some iconic songs and witness some iconic horrors.

(S): Sucker Punch


Sucker Punch...A young girl loses her family and is taken to an asylum with a dirty secret. While she dances, she dreams of fighting which teaches how to fight her reality.

(T): Trainspotting


Trainspotting... A man and his friends are heavy into drugs and often trip throughout most of the day. The things he does and witnesses proves to him he needs to clean up and "chose life."

(U): Uptown Girls


Uptown Girls... A woman becomes a nanny of a girl who seems more mature than her. The nanny then decides to show this girl what a childhood looks like.

(V): Violet & Daisy


Violet & Daisy... Two girls become assassins but run into a man they don't really want to assassinate. They then look back on their lives and question their job choice.

(W): What's Eating Gilbert Grape


What's Eating Gilbert Grape...A man takes care of his mentally impaired younger brother and his mother who can't leave the house. He learns that he needs to take care of himself along with others.

(X): XXX: Return of Xander Cage


XXX Return Of Xander Cage... Xander Cage returns to the game to meet a nerdy tech, badass women and his band of unusual fighters.

(Y): You Again


You Again... A girl's brother marries her arch nemesis and later she learns that people might have more to them then they seem.

(Z): Zombieland


Zombieland... A band of misfits join together to fight the zombies that have taken over the world.

That is the list I have created for movies with every letter of the alphabet. I hope you enjoyed this list and synopsis of what they are about. Make sure to check out any of the movies that sounded good to you. Happy watching!

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