A Look Into Amazon Prime's 'Cinderella'
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A Look Into Amazon Prime's 'Cinderella'

The classic tale with a twist

A Look Into Amazon Prime's 'Cinderella'
Insta: @cinderellamovieofficial

Today, Amazon Prime released the initial trailer for their new movie, 'Cinderella'. 'Cinderella' is considered to be a modern musical adaptation of the classic tale with the same name and will star Camila Cabello as the title character. The cast will also feature Billy Porter as the Fairy Godmother and Idina Menzel will take on the role of the Evil Stepmother. Since its release this morning, Twitter fans can't stop talking about the new movie. Although we have to wait until September 3rd to watch it, let's see what this new movie has in store for fans.

1. A twist on the tale

While we did know this story will be slightly different than we've seen before, we didn't know exactly how. From the trailer, we can see that there are new details in this movie that will provide the characters with different backgrounds and help change their storylines a little bit.

2. New music

The trailer features a sneak peek of an original song for the movie song by Camila Cabello. Since this musical is a modern adaptation, fans can probably expect a few other original songs to enjoy when the movie releases.

3. Humor 

Just from this trailer alone, you can see a glimpse into the humor featured in it. While the other versions of this story often feature moments of slight humor, it looks like the approach to humor is going to be very different than anything we've seen in this story before.

4. Fabulous costumes

Now I'll be honest, when it comes to any princess movie I always expect fabulous costumes and this is no different. From what I can see from the costumes already, we are in for a treat with costume design.

5. Acting Debuts

Well, this isn't anything new but we can look forward to some new acting debuts in this movie.

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