To The Puppy That Was Gone Too Soon, You Will Always Be Missed

To The Puppy That Was Gone Too Soon, You Will Always Be Missed

You made an impact on our lives and you will never know it.


When we first got you, I left school early just so I could have more time with you and honestly it was the best decision that I have ever made. You were this 9 pound 6 weeks old puppy with these crystal blue eyes and I fell in love with them the first that I saw them. I knew that you would have a special place in my heart.

I would sneak you into my bed to sleep with me and I would always get in the most trouble but, it was beyond worth it because I got sweet puppy loving and cuddles. When you were smaller you would come in and lay down and go right to sleep but, when you got older and bigger… that was a different story because you would try to play and sit on my face. I remember our sweet naps in the recliner and you would practically lay on top of me because you were so big.

As you got bigger you would jump on me and actually become 2-3 inches taller than me standing up. I remember every time I came home, I would walk through the door and you would jump up and give me kisses, I miss them the most now.

Every time you would get sick. you would always lay down and cuddle with me. You wouldn't try to rough house or play, you would just lay down and give me those cute puppy dog eyes. About a month after your first birthday, you got really bad sick and knew something was really wrong. We decided to take you to the vet and they said just had a bone stuck in your stomach but, you would pass it and you would be okay. They gave you medicine and told us if you didn't get better to bring you back the next day. So, we did.

We dropped you off and they decided to keep you overnight. That overnight stay turned into a week stay. They decided to do surgery and come to find out you ate a rag. You would normally eat socks, rags, and undergarment because we would find them in the yard. We would also have to chase you around the house to get stuff out of your mouth.

That rag that you ate was a different type of rag. It was a painter's rag that has paint thinner on it. While you were playing outside a couple of days before you got really sick. There were painters across the street and you wanted to make friends. While you were running around the neighbor's house, you found a rag and decided to eat it. You didn't know that it would make you sick.

I remember the day that I got the phone call telling me that you would never come home. It was the worst thing that someone could ever tell me. At that moment, I realized I would never get hugs and kisses from you when I walked into the house again or the cuddles and naps that we would share. I also wouldn't have you there eat food off the floor that I had dropped. Most of all I wouldn't be able to see your sweet face again.

I just wish I could have told you that I loved you one last time. You still have the biggest place in my heart and nothing will take the place.

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Looks Like I'm Not An Only Child Anymore; Here's What I Learned From My Rush Experience

You can find a sorority based on first impressions, but you find your home through real connection.


There are some perks to being an only child: there's no sibling rivalry, you learn to be comfortable around adults, and you get lots of personal space. But only a week after sorority recruitment, I wouldn't trade my Alpha Chi sisters for the world.

My rush experience at Elon was one of the longest, most unpredictable, yet rewarding experiences of my life. I had known I wanted to join a sorority since I was a little girl, but as the reality of recruitment set in, so did the anxiety. I wasn't sure what to expect, and the thought of having long conversations with strangers was daunting, no matter how much I practiced or prepared.

Although I wanted to go into rush with a completely open mind, I already had an idea of where I would fit in. Although the conversations ran smoothly in most of the rounds, other conversations were surprisingly forced in chapters where I expected to fit in. I was surprised to find that the house which immediately captured my love and attention was one which I hadn't considered before which brought out the best in me, no pre-round rehearsal required.

It was that house which I kept gravitating back to, up until the very last round. On Bid Day, I shamelessly screamed when I opened my card.

Accepting a bid from a chapter which I never expected to connect with has not only given me a new family but a better sense of self as well. My sisters naturally brought out my best personal qualities, the ones which my closest friends get to know, or I didn't know were there myself.

It's easy to find a sorority based on first impressions, but more it's important to find a home where you can be your most authentic self.

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To The Song That Reminds Me It Will Be Alright Again

Thank you Sugarland for Little Miss!


Do you ever have a connection with a song?

Yes, well me too.

Sometimes life gets tough and you wanna give up. Sometimes people beat you down and it makes you afraid of love. Sometimes there are fears that you need to conquer.

There is a band named Sugarland and they have a song titled Little Miss. That song is my song that I have a connection with.

The first two lines describe a girl who is down on love, ready to give up, and just one big mess.

Here lately that girl is me. Sometimes life can beat you down and you you can feel caught in a hurricane. That's okay because it will get better. The chorus of that same song says that it's alright and sometimes you gotta lose 'til you win. This is all so true.

I'm the girl that does not like failure and does not settle for anything less than the best. Especially when it comes to school. While school is not failing it is tough. School has never been tough for me, but this semester and last semester have very much had me wanting to give up.

That's okay it's okay to feel that way as long as you remember if you do your best you'll go far. In fact those are other words Sugarland sings in Little Miss.

Also being a girl that has never really had time for relationships when anything new and fun with a boy gets started I immediately put all my eggs in one basket. DO NOT DO THIS. Please take my warning. Just like in the song I have a big heart that beats wide open.

While I times I seem rude, mean, intimidating, whatever other adjectives people use to describe me I'm very loyal and dedicated. When I put my heart into something you are going to get nothing less than the best. Just like with school I always give so much.

Finally I am a big mess and life is a whirlwind almost 95% of the time for me sometimes I have to take a step back and realize that everything does not have to be awful.

I have to realize that everything is going to be alright.

So find that song that you connect with. Then thank that song for existing. I'm beyond thankful Little Miss exists because sometimes I just have to max it out in the car and sing at the top of my lungs. After I do that I know everything will one day fall in to place and be alright again.

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