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Senior year of high school—a bittersweet mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly. It seems like it flies by for everyone… the days feel shorter, the laughs seem longer, and time passes faster than a blink. Here are some tips as you enter this whirlwind of a year.

Don't miss a thing

Whether it be a basketball game or a football game with your biggest rival, be there. There is something so special about school pride and you'll be so glad that you witnessed every bit of it. Go to Senior Nights and support your best friends. Those four years fly and you want to maximize the memories.

Reach out

Hang out with that person in your math class that you've always seemed to bond so well with. Include others and make sure to say "hi" to each other in the hallways, no matter what.

Do your best

Yes, senioritis is most definitely a thing, but it always feels good to finish off the year strong. Have fun, but keep it together, kiddo.

Say thank you

Thank those teachers and coaches who molded who you are today. The foundation they created for you has guided you in ways that you may not yet realize.

Play your heart out, and have fun with it

Whether you plan on playing a sport in college or joining a club team, your teammates are always going to be the ones who know you best. Play every game like it's your last and enjoy it, win or lose.

Be present

Be in the moment and cherish every little memory. Even the things that seem silly, like sitting with your friends at lunch. You never know how much you'll miss a moment until its gone.

Enjoy it, T!

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