A Letter To My Little Brother As He Ends His Junior Year of high school

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20 Things You Still Ask Your Dad At 20

“How can I use our bank account to set up Venmo?”

    When I was a little girl, my dad used to read me stories of fairy tales and superheroes. I always thought my dad was my real life superhero and that he could fix any problem.

    Even now at 20, there are still things I ask my dad because he is a wealth of knowledge that I still believe can fix any problem.

    Let's be honest, being an adult is hard and at 20 there are still so many things we don't know how to do yet and Dad is always the first person we call.

    Here are 20 things college girls still ask their dads at 20:

    1. "If my gas tank is on empty how many miles can I drive before my car really stops working?"

    2. "Dad, what's this light mean on my car? I'm texting you a picture."

    3.“My car is making this weird clicking noise it sounds like this... CLICK CLICK."

    4.“How do I hang this mirror?"

    5. "What kind of tools do I need to hang this mirror and where can I get them?"

    6.“Can I take DayQuil and Advil together?"

    7. "How can I use our bank account to set up Venmo?"

    8."Who's our insurance carrier?"

    9.“Do you have my birth certificate?"

    10."What's the Netflix password?"

    11."What's the difference between different kinds of gas?"

12.“There are so many lightbulbs to choose from how do I know which one I need?"

13. "Hi, I know it's 3 a.m. but my smoke detector is beeping and I don't know what to do."

14."What's my routing number and account number and where do I find it?"

15.“How do I pay taxes? Can you pay them for me?"

16. “How does one go about changing their oil?"

17. “SOS! My shower leaking and there is water everywhere. What do I do?

18. “What exactly am I claiming on this tax form?"

19. "Hey, how do I write a check?"

20. “Why does everything cost money? Can you pay for that?

and.....the most important: “What would I do without you, Dad?"

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Being My Own Person

Gaining independence is not as simple as moving out. It takes more.


When I first graduated from high school, I was so excited about college. But, the truth is, I wasn't excited for college because of expanding my horizon or making a new life. Honestly, I just wanted to move away from my family. I know what you're thinking. Harsh, right? Well, it's the truth. But why? The thing is that I love my family, but sometimes they really get in the way of my grind. My parents overreact over everything I do, even when it's not that big of a deal. My brother and sister are really unsupportive of my passions and hobbies. Overall, it's exhausting living with them and I don't argue with them anymore because it drains my energy. I can honestly go on about my family forever, but that's not what this is about. It's about who I became and being able to make my own decisions.

As I progressed through the years of college, I've grown mentally and physically. I was able to find the confidence I never knew I had. Along with this confidence, I got more involved in school and gained leadership experience. Here is where the story is interesting. One of the groups I got involved in on campus is Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Kappa Psi is a co-ed business fraternity. I joined it because I wanted to gain the tools needed to become a more successful business leader and gains the tools needed to do so. Along with that, I also made new friends and learned to be more clear and confident in my interviews. Unfortunately, my parents thought otherwise. One of the things I forgot to mention about my family is that my parents are really strict Christians. I am a Christian too, but I don't take things as seriously as they do. I pray, I read scripture, I go to church. But, they always judge my ways because I'm not as serious as them. My parents think fraternities are like cults and once you join, you're selling yourself off to other figures or something.

I know that's not the case.

But they are too unreasonable. They threatened to take me out of school if I didn't quit, but I knew they were bluffing. Even if they weren't, I would've rather let them take me out of school than give them the satisfaction of controlling my life when I'm already 21. After that, I had a realization. As an adult, I'm the master of my destiny. In other words, I make my own decisions. No one can judge me. Only God can. My parents guided me up to this moment, and I'm thankful to them for that, but whether they realize it or not, this is my life, and I refuse to let them be in charge of that. That applies to any random person who even thinks about judging me. I plan to live life to the fullest, and no one will ever get in the way of that, even if the ones you love the most are biggest doubters.

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