A letter to my college besties

To My College Besties, Thank You For Everything

I’ll cherish your friendship forever.


My uncle always told me that college would be the place where I'd make friends that'll be in my life forever. Of course, he was right as I've made friendships with people that i'll have in my life forever. I cherish our laughs, memories, relationship and everything in-between.

Although I am close with many other people. These are the people that I've had an instant connection with since day 1. These people stood by my side through thick and thin and I know that throughout the rest of my time I will be able to look back and be happy that I made some truly amazing friends.

1. Dear Paige

Aurora Harris

From the first selfie we ever took together I knew we were going to be the closest of friends. From living down the hallway in our dorms freshman year to living in an apartment together our friendship has grown into one of my favorites. You are a beautiful intelligent girl spreading positive energy with your upbeat outgoing personality.

You say you have a wall built up to avoid being hurt but you don't even know how strong you really are. You are my favorite person to make impulse decisions with and our friendship is one of a kind but I love every second of it. I can't wait to see where our friendship takes us in the future and hopefully we can still play expert on guitar hero when we're old and wrinkly.

Thank you for being you and always being my Paige.

2. Dear Cheyene

Aurora Harris

When I found out you were one of my roommates freshman year, I of course like any other person looked you up on every social media platform to see what you were like. At first I was skeptical as any person is when receiving a roommate they don't know prior to coming to college. After getting to know you first semester you have become one of my favorite people!

We connect because we come from a similar lifestyle and it has made us grow closer as friends. I'm so lucky to have met a smart wise girl like you. Who would've thought that a girl you've only known for one school year would become a person you get an apartment with? I love you and I thank you for always being there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on at 2 a.m. when i'm freaking out over nothing.

3. Dear Hayden

Aurora Harris

Hayden, I wish we were this close last year also. I feel cheated at the fact that we've only been tight for a couple months. You are the bomb.com and I've never had a friend like you. You are goofy and funny and have the kindest heart in the whole wide world!

Thank you for making breakfast or inviting me over for dinner and letting me wrap your Christmas presents. Your kind soul is one that I will be a big fan of forever! You're always there when I need to vent or if i'm simply just bored out of my mind. Either way, I'm extremely thankful that I got to know you better and grow closer as friends as we take care of our build-a-bear buddy. Thank you for being the coolest dude ever and coming into my life, becoming one of my closest friends.

4.Dear Caleb

Aurora Harris

The first time we met we instantly connected because you complimented my shirt and I was obsessed with the color of your shorts. From that point on we've been partners in crime running around "skeeting." I would not trade our friendship for the world.

There may be times were we don't disagree or the world may seem like it's against your thoughts but just know that I will always be proud of you. You have overcome darkness by finding your own light and you are on your way to doing great things. I love every silly moment we've shared together and I’ll never forget all of our laughs.

5. Dear Morgan & Kat & Maddie 

Aurora Harris

I had to put the three of you in one because you three lived down the hall from me in the dorms and also are from my hometown. It shocks me how we all are from the same home town but never knew of each other before college. I couldn't picture my life without the three of you because it honestly just wouldn't be the same.

I can always count on any of you to "gas" me up before going out to a party and to just laugh at each other for being silly. From going out to dinner for each others birthdays to becoming close friends I truly admire each of you as you all are three of the best souls I know. Laughter, beauty, and true loyalty are my favorite qualities about each of you. There will be many more years of me running and jumping on your beds to tell you happy birthday.

6. Dear Matt

Aurora Harris

MATT!!!! You have got to be one of the most awesome boy I've ever met. From day one we have been two peas in a pod. My favorite thing about you is that I could text you at any time of the day and tell you I'm bored and you'll come over and watch a Christmas movie with me. You're goofiness is my favorite quality because i'm just as goofy so our personalities compliment each others. I thank you for always having my back, I can always count on you.

If only Christian were still here at CSU we'd have our little posse back together.

7. Dear Gabe 

Aurora Harris

Saved the best for last I guess. I'm so glad we met at orientation because coming into college last year you were one of the only people I really knew besides Bethany. I could go on and on about how much I appreciate our friendship. You are a goofy boy with a big heart and I love when we hate on Paige for not liking Domino’s pizza, because let's be real it's 10x better than Papa John's.

Thank you for never judging me and always giving me your wise words when I was going through a hard time. I can always come to you about anything and have a better mindset after you spoke some sense into me. I always tell people you're my favorite friend I've made at college. I'm proud of you and I will miss you when you leave for the Air Force very much.

Thank you for giving me light and allowing me to be the person I am. Without you all I wouldn't be the person I am today. I will forever hold each of you in my heart as we grow up and continue suffering through college, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Much love. -A

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A Letter To My Freshman Dorm Room As I Pack Up My Things

Somehow a 15' x 12' room became a home.


Dear Geary 411,

With your creaky beds, concrete walls, and mismatched tile floors, you are easily overlooked as just another room we were randomly assigned to— but you were different. Inside your old walls, I have made some of the best memories of my life that I will hold on to forever.

Thank you for welcoming my neighbors in with open arms who quickly became friends who didn't knock and walked in like you were their own.

I feel like an apology is needed.

We're sorry for blaring the music so loud while getting ready and acting like we can actually sing when, in reality, we know we can't. Sorry for the dance parties that got a bit out of control and ended with us standing on the desks. Sorry for the cases of the late-night giggles that came out of nowhere and just would not go away. Sorry for the homesick cries and the "I failed my test" cries and the "I'm dropping out" cries. We're sorry for hating you at first. All we saw was a tiny and insanely hot room, we had no idea what you would bring to us.

Thank you for providing me with memories of my first college friends and college experiences.

As I stand at the door looking at the bare room that I first walked into nine months ago I see so much more than just a room. I see lots and lots of dinners being eaten at the desks filled with stories of our days. I see three girls sitting on the floor laughing at God knows what. I see late night ice cream runs and dance battles. I see long nights of homework and much-needed naps. Most importantly, I look at the bed and see a girl who sat and watched her parents leave in August and was absolutely terrified, and as I lock you up for the last time today, I am so proud of who that terrified girl is now and how much she has grown.

Thank you for being a space where I could grow, where I was tested physically, mentally and emotionally and for being my home for a year.


A girl who is sad to go

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How To Combat Extreme Homesickness During Final Season

How do you combat homesickness so strong, you start to despise the city where you go to school?


It's my second year in university, I'm in my twenties, and I should be out living my best life. Yet, I'm stricken with homesickness. It's strange because I never experienced homesickness this strong in my first year. Now, in my second year, I'm calling home almost every day and finding any excuse to make myself feel like I'm at home. Some people may not find this strange, but it's something that weighs on my heart often.

My first year of university, you could find me begging to get back to campus anytime I was home. Now, I'm griping to get back home. It's not my friends, I love them dearly. It's not my classes, I've enjoyed my semester. It seems, though, I've found every other thing to complain about. If I was at home, then the weather wouldn't be so cold. If I was at home I could go to the beach. If I was at home, my mommy would cook for me. I compare everything to being at home.

How do you combat this? How do you combat homesickness so strong, you start to despise where you go to school? I'm not one of those people lucky enough to just go home for a weekend. My home is three hours away. I'm not entirely sure how to combat this. It's something I've never experienced before, and I'm not entirely sure why it's happening, either. Sometimes I think it's me realizing that I don't want to grow up. Maybe it's me realizing just how important family is.

No matter what it is, I have to say to anyone else experiencing this, you're not alone. You're not the only person who feels this way. Truthfully, the only advice I can offer is to continue calling home. Call home an annoying amount. Cook foods your mom would make. Watch shows that your family watches together. And know in your heart that it won't be much longer until you're back. It'll be okay. You got this.

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