A Guide to a Quick Trip to Savannah
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A Guide For A Quick Trip To Savannah, GA

Only have a day? No problem!

A Guide For A Quick Trip To Savannah, GA
Joy Swasy

My boyfriend and I decided to take a little trip to Savannah, Georgia to end summer on a good note. We had one day to do whatever we could. In those 24 hours, I think we did the perfect amount of things for the ideal mini Savannah trip. It only felt right to share everything we did to anyone interested in their own quick trip to the oldest city in Georgia.

We strategically hit the road in the morning at a time that would completely avoid traffic. I HATE driving in traffic, therefore I do everything in my power to avoid it. Conveniently, the place we were staying for the night wasn't in a traffic heavy area. With that being said, the first thing we did when arriving to Savannah was check-in at our hotel. Now, my boyfriend and I aren't quite billionaires yet, so we stayed at a modest place. This place completely exceeded our expectations. The Thunderbird Inn in Savannah was super cool and the staff was super friendly. It is specifically designed to look retro and we were totally feeling it, plus it's pet friendly. We highly recommend staying there!

After checking in we decided to literally walk everywhere, very eco-friendly of us. Everything was within walking distance to the hotel. We stomped our stompers to the city market that had tons of cute little shops and places to eat. B&D Burgers was the joint we decided to hit up and we were not disappointed. Not too expensive and very tasty, we left extremely satisfied. After our meal, we walked to the Colonial cemetery. Savannah is very known for being haunted so visiting cemeteries is essential. Considering it is August, the temperature was blazing. Walking through the cemetery made me feel like I was going to end up in one of those grave plots. Regardless, it was super awesome and historical.

Since we had literally no idea of what we were doing, we just started wandering around the little streets. There are tons of monuments scattered around the city that are cool to look at. During our walking spree we decided to get a refreshment because we were on our deathbeds. We stopped into The Gallery Espresso which was decorated in the cutest way with mismatch sofas. Also, their iced Chai tea hit the spot. After our little break we headed to Forsyth Park. It had a beautiful fountain that was perfect for picture taking, a must-see! Then we wanted to do some mainstream shopping which led to Broughton Street. The street is filled with shops and restaurants.

Shortly after that, we headed back to Thunderbird Inn to collect ourselves. It took a second, but we did it and headed out again for some dinner. We made out way back to Broughton Street to eat. If you are in the mood for Mexican food, Jalepenos Mexican Grill is the place to go. The service was great and the food was even better. Our stomachs were full, but not too full for some ice cream. We had to go to the famous Leopold's Ice Cream! Let me tell you, the line was long, but totally worth it! If you're going to go to Savannah, don't just settle on an ice cream chain go to Leopold's! It was a great way to end the night.

The next morning we packed our bags to head back home. However, there were a few more things we needed to do. Bonaventure Cemetery was one of those things. The cemetery is filled with extravagant gravestones and plenty of history. We spent almost 3 hours there exploring. You can pay for a tour guide, which wouldn't be a bad idea, or just do a self-guided tour. Purchasing a map for the cemetery is something to consider so that you don't miss anything! In those 3 hours, we didn't even get to see everything! Since it was nearly 95 degrees, we had to tap out. We hopped back in the car and made our way to River Street.

River Street has a multitude of shops and restaurants. We parked in a parking garage near by. When we got there we were extremely hungry, considering all we ate for breakfast were pralines, whoops! We decided to eat at Barracuda Bob's. It did not disappoint. It was satisfying and kept us out of the storm that appeared out of nowhere. The staff was so lovely that they let us stick around to stay out of the rain. Unfortunately, the rain did not let up. We had to man-up and just go out in the rain. We did not make it to the famous Waving Girl statue, but nonetheless we still had an amazing time on River Street.

There were many things that we may have missed, but with the short time constraint I was not disappointed. It's a lovely city, even for a day trip. Make sure to pack your walking shoes (or just take the trolley to save yourself)!

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