A Great Band: Panic! At the Disco
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A Great Band: Panic! At the Disco

I was making a new Spotify playlist and I realized I was adding a lot of p!atd songs and figured I would share some of my favorites.

A Great Band: Panic! At the Disco
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Panic! At the Disco has been one of my favorites since my freshman year of high school. Each time they come out with new music it just gets better and better, so I wanted to share some of my favorite songs of theirs.

Dying in LA 

This song is one of my favorite sad songs, it is so good. It always relaxes me when I listen to it because Brendan Urie's voice is so calming throughout this song.

This Is Gospel (Piano Version)

This is my all time favorite song by p!atd! I prefer the piano version to the original because you hear the heart and soul that Urie is pouring into the song and it is breathtaking.

Dancing's Not A Crime

An ultimate mood booster! This song has such an upbeat sound throughout the whole track it instantly puts me in a dancing mood.

Death Of A Bachelor

A true masterpiece of a song, here he is singing about the loss of his single life and transition into love and marriage. It is truly beautiful.

Nine In The Afternoon

The music video is a bit weird but this song is a true jam! Another good dancing song, a great addition to any playlist!

Far Too Young To Die

Far Too Young Too Die, is one of my favorite songs to listen to while I am doing homework or studying. For some reason the beat really gets me motivated and pushes me to keep going. It is also a good song to listen to when you are dealing with the confusing world of dating.

Hey Look Ma, I Made It

This song means so much to me, my cousin and I love to scream the lyrics when we are in the car. Whenever I feel as though I am not doing my best, this is my go to song to cheer me up.


Another masterpiece, Urie hits miraculous high notes that are a blessing.

Golden Days

I always listen to this song when I look through old photos, lingering text messages or whenever I decide to take a trip down memory lane. It always reminds me of a lot of good times but also some bad, it is a good song to listen to when you need to let go of the past.

High Hopes

I could add so many more songs to this list but I will end on a positive note, High Hopes is such an inspiring song! Encouraging you to be the best person you can be, achieve your goals and pursue what you are passion about.

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