A Few More Things Freshmen Can’t Learn About THE Ohio State University On A Zoom Call This Fall
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A Few More Things Freshmen Can’t Learn About THE Ohio State University On A Zoom Call This Fall

Sorry to add on to the list of things you may be cheated out of.

A Few More Things Freshmen Can’t Learn About THE Ohio State University On A Zoom Call This Fall

Below is a link to the initial article written by Sarah Avdakov - an OSU alumni and current graduate student:

16 Things Incoming Freshmen Can't Learn About THE Ohio State University On A Zoom Call This Fall

16 Things Incoming Freshmen Can't Learn About THE Ohio State University On A Zoom Call This Fallwww.theodysseyonline.com

You come to college for the whole experience, and even though classes are in person, there's no idea if everything will be business as usual.

While I agree with Sarah's list, these next few that I have added deserve some recognition. They comprise aspects freshmen may lack in their experience, but also serve as general advice should things be somewhat normal.

How difficult it is to find a spot to study in Thompson Library

Irrefutably, Thompson is OSU's most trafficked library and one of campus's top tier buildings. On Sundays and especially during finals week, it is nearly impossible to find an open spot or study table unless you get there very early or assign a friend that responsibility.

The allure of skipping class on a cool fall or warm spring evening to go hang out on the Oval with your friends

One should never make a habit out of skipping their classes, however sometimes it cannot be helped when the weather is just right and the Oval is full of ecstatic dogs; flying Frisbees; and slacklines a plenty.

Understanding if your professor is a "the bell does not dismiss you, I do" kind of individual

In most entry and lower-level classes with a lot of students (150+), the professors tend to be a little stricter: no phones, no talking, be on time, leave when only they permit, and other such rules. Now this is not 100% across the board, but in general this tends to apply.

The fear of using TopHat outside of lecture (varies based on professor)

TopHat is an application professors may use to check attendance as well as student comprehension of lessons and content. On occasion, you may have a teacher that is very passionate about ensuring students answer only when they are in class because it is "Academic Misconduct" to answer outside of the classroom. Thus, it is a fun game of risk if you choose to answer outside of class (please be cautious).

Not all gyms are made equal

The RPAC is another shining point of Ohio State, however it can be extremely crowded if you choose to go at the wrong time. You may find yourself waiting for equipment more than actual working out. JO South has about 10 treadmills that are working on a good day, so be prepared to wait. It also fills up fast in the lifting area. Give up on North Rec unless you go there really early or really late, it is beyond crowded almost always. The ARC is a safe bet if you feel like taking the bus or have a parking pass/willing to pay to park. Per multiple students, JO North is where hardcore lifters go. You have options, find a solid time and gym that works for you and your class schedule.

The distain for people biking or riding skateboards where/when they shouldn't

Mainly on the Oval, but also applied to Mirror Lake and other places with lots of foot traffic, the people who ride straight into a crowd of thousands of people walking in every possible direction during the day are a special kind of stupid. Do not be this person. Stay on the street or out of the way during the day, then ride wherever you want to your heart's content when so many people aren't around.

A lot of your club meetings happen on weekends, late, or early

Everyone has full schedules during the week because of class and work, so do not be surprised if you're asked to attend a meeting at 8:30pm on a Thursday.

The clown balancing act of taking a test on a desk that doesn't fit a standard piece of paper

Imagine! You are tasked with taking a test that is multiple pages, has reference formulas, requires a calculator, and utilizes a Scantron you need to fill with a #2 pencil. Good luck!

Having to leave 20+ minutes early to walk to your class

Whether you live on North; South; or West Campus, there will be a day where you need to walk to class and it takes a while to get there. Bring headphones (not too loud though, you will want to hear the automated crosswalk's lovely voices telling you to cross "Woodruff" or "College"), don't forget your umbrella (or wear boots if it's snowing), and look both ways (getting hit by a campus bus does NOT equal free tuition).

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