A Day in the Life of a Quarantined College Student
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Student Life

A Day in the Life of a Quarantined College Student

An hourly report on my 24 hour quarantine in my dorm while while waiting for my Covid-19 test results after moving into college:

A Day in the Life of a Quarantined College Student

Hour 0: Getting tested. I am super anxious to begin moving in, as all my friends had arrived before me, so I am pleasantly surprised by how efficient my school's Covid-19 testing area was. The socially-distanced lines moved quite fast. Granted, blowing my nose in front of a bunch of classmates I hadn't seen in almost six months isn't ideal, but if it means I get to be back at school it is definitely worth it.

Hours 1-4: Not too shabby. My roommates and I spend most of this time unpacking and setting up our room, so there's a lot to keep ourselves busy with.

Hour 4: Boredom Strikes. We scroll through Tik Tok for an hour, anxiously awaiting dinner.

Hour 5: Freedom! (Partially) We are allowed to leave our rooms to go pick up dinner. This feels like a special treat. The walk across campus to get food has never been more exciting. Added bonus: the quarantine meal is very good.

Hours 6 - 9: Boredom strikes again. This time we combat it with movies and LOTS of popcorn. One of my roommates brought a projector which I would definitely recommend to college students this semester.

Hours 9-19: We get ready for bed and go to sleep. I believe this is the earliest any of us have gone to bed in our college careers.

Hours 20-22: I have my first class! This one is a seminar so it lasts two hours and does a nice job of filling the time. However, I found it difficult to sit still for two hours in front of a computer on zoom. I definitely would prefer all my classes to be in person.

Hour 23: My roommates have zoom classes, and I try my best to stay quiet while keeping myself entertained. Having two roommates and a lot of online classes might prove to be a challenge this semester.

Hour 24: We still haven't gotten our results back, so we head to pick up our prepackaged lunches. While I was expecting a dish as tasty as what we were provided with for dinner, I am severely disappointed. It's hard to mess up a turkey sandwich, but rubbery turkey on soggy bread is without-a-doubt disgusting.

hour 25: We begin to feel hangry and discouraged. We break into the snacks we packed to try to get rid of the taste of the depressing lunch.

Hours 26-27: More classes. Still no email with negative results.

Hour 28: FREEDOM!!! The emails arrive and we are all negative. We blast music, have a quick dance party and head to the dining hall to get dinner with our friends.

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