99 Problems & A Bad Song Ain't One
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99 Problems & A Bad Song Ain't One

99 songs for anything and everything

99 Problems & A Bad Song Ain't One

Here is a playlist of 99 songs for anything and everything. Including a variety of artists and genres, here are 99 songs for any occasion, from late night studying to long runs to just hanging out.

  1. 99 Problems // Jay-Z
  2. Home // Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  3. Come On Eileen // Drexys Midnight Runners
  4. Pink Matter // Frank Ocean
  5. The Real Her // Drake
  6. Blood Bank // Bon Iver
  7. Crash Into Me // Dave Matthews Band
  8. Hear You Me // Jimmy Eat World
  9. If I Ain’t Got You // Alicia Keys
  10. Sleeping Sickness // City & Colour
  11. Too Much // Drake
  12. Stay With Me // Sam Smith
  13. Tuxedos // Cold War Kids
  14. Same Drugs // Chance the Rapper
  15. Bright // Kehlani
  16. Miss Me // Drake
  17. 3:16 AM // Jhené Aiko
  18. Red Eye // Vance Joy
  19. Ultralight Beam // Kanye West
  20. Exchange // Bryson Tiller
  21. Spiderwebs // No Doubt
  22. How’s It Going To Be // Third Eye Blind
  23. Calling All Angels // Train
  24. Straight Into Your Arms // Vance Joy
  25. Higher // Rihanna
  26. London Bridge // TWENTY88
  27. Audience // Cold War Kids
  28. Child’s Play // Drake
  29. In The Morning // J. Cole
  30. Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare // Matt & Kim
  31. Jungle // Drake
  32. Sympathy // The Goo Goo Dolls
  33. Only // Nicki Minaj
  34. Confessions, Pt II // Usher
  35. Like You // Bow Wow
  36. Float On // Modest Mouse
  37. Fire Squad // J. Cole
  38. Waves // Kanye West
  39. Hold Up // Beyonce
  40. Iris // Goo Goo Dolls
  41. We Can’t Stop // Miley Cyrus
  42. 305 To My City // Drake
  43. Antidote // Travis Scott
  44. Juke Jam // Chance the Rapper
  45. Let Me Love You // Mario
  46. Hostage // Danrell x Små land
  47. A Place Like This // Majid Jordan
  48. Say My Name // Destiny’s Child
  49. Ten Dollars I Found // Matt & Kim
  50. Spotless Mind // Jhené Aiko
  51. The Night // HONNE
  52. Tee Shirt // Birdy
  53. Work It // Missy Elliott
  54. Louder Than Ever // Cold War Kids
  55. Ways to Go // Grouplove
  56. Chariot // Gavin DeGraw
  57. Right Hand // Drake
  58. Californication // Red Hot Chili Peppers
  59. Fireflies // Ron Pope
  60. White Blank Page // Mumford & Sons
  61. Work // Rihanna
  62. Kids // MGMT
  63. GOMD // J. Cole
  64. Under Ground Kings // Drake
  65. Wait // M83
  66. Bloodflood // alt-J
  67. Miracle Mile // Cold War Kids
  68. I Luv This Shit // August Alsina
  69. Wrapped In Piano Strings // Radical Face
  70. Vienna // Billy Joel
  71. Might Be // DJ Luke Nasty
  72. Dreaming // Small Pools
  73. You & The 6 // Drake
  74. We Used to Vacation // Cold War Kids
  75. Roses // The Chainsmokers
  76. You Should Be Here // Kehlani
  77. Diamonds Dancing // Drake and Future
  78. Medicine // Daughter
  79. Erase Me // Kid Cudi
  80. Bleeding Love // Leona Lewis
  81. Acquainted // The Weeknd
  82. Runaway Love // Ludacris
  83. Hurricane // MS MR
  84. Pills N Potions // Nicki Minaj
  85. Roses // Outkast
  86. Thinkin Bout You // Frank Ocean
  87. Let Your Love Grow Tall // Passion Pit
  88. No Type // Rae Sremmurd
  89. Take a Bow // Rihanna
  90. Can't Believe It // T-Pain
  91. Talk Show // TWENTY88
  92. Best That I Can // Vance Joy
  93. Lotus Flower Bomb // Wale
  94. Company // Drake
  95. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room // John Mayer
  96. Ignition (Remix) // R. Kelly
  97. Big Girls Don't Cry // Fergie
  98. 100 Years // Five for Fighting
  99. 40 Day Dream // Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
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