If you were ever a tween in the 2000’s, and if you ever had a Nintendo DS, then I'm willing to bet that you played Animal Crossing at some point in your adolescent gaming career. Animal Crossing was quite possibly the best DS game ever released. There was just something so addicting about running around your little town, arguing with Tom Nook and planting trees by your animal friends’ houses. Carpools and sleepovers were spent connecting with your friends and exploring each other’s towns. Sadly, as we’ve grown up, broken devices and missing chargers forced us to part with our beloved Animal Crossing towns.

A few months ago, however, Nintendo made an exciting announcement. A mobile version of Animal Crossing will be available to iPhone and Android users later this fall! The company has decided to branch out from device-centered games into the app market. It’s speculated that the app will be free to download, but may include in-app purchases. My inner 10-year-old can hardly wait. Until the app is released, we’ll just have to settle for reminiscing about the best game ever invented.

To celebrate, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite Animal Crossing memories:

1. Restarting the game a million times at the beginning after you got out of that cab until your character looked the way that you wanted them to

2. Tom Nook and his stupid chores right after you moved in

3. Tom Nook and his impossibly high mortgage payments

4. Making Tom Nook’s tiny little nephews chase you around the department store
5. The creepy way Tom Nook followed you around when you were just trying to buy some damn stationary

6. The annoying mole Resetti that popped up every time you reset the game date to earn more bells

7. Stalking your favorite neighbor and sending them letters so they wouldn’t move awayhttps://az616578.vo.msecnd.net/files/2016/07/21/636046565768662744-460412285_ss_ac_bobletter.jpg

8. Resetting your DS date to go back in time when the neighbor did move away

9. Getting another visit from Resetti

10. Ending up with half a million weeds every time you pulled another time-traveling stunt

11. Designing clothes in Mable and Sable's shop

12. Forcing all of the villagers to wear your designs

13. The first time you found out that there were other fruits than the ones your town came with

14. Finally saving up enough money to expand your house

15. Logging on to the game at weird hours of the day to catch rare fish or bugs

16. Those annoying little noise-machines you would dig up instead of fossils

17. Chasing cockroaches around your house any time you were gone for more than a few days

18. Getting coffee from Brewster in the corner of the museum

19. Waking up the sleepy owl in the museum to sell artifacts to him20. Digging through the recycling bin in the town hall to find furniture to sell (or to keep for yourself)

21. Naming your town after some variation of your name, usually ending in –topia, -land, -town, -ville, or -world, or naming it after an inappropriate body part

22. Reluctantly putting your character to sleep at the end of the day to prepare for another day of fun