The 90's were a great time, a time for classic cartoons and amazing sitcoms. I mean, let's face it you still binge watch friends and the fresh prince. As a 90's baby, you can't help but feel connected to this culture of television shows. What if our majors were our favorite shows?

1. Computer Science

Click-clack all day, all night.

2. Journalism

That moment when you have an article due in an hour.

3. Nutrition

Food is life!

4. Political Science

Social issues are my fav!!!

5. Math

I do algebra for fun!

6. Communications

Introducing people like a boss.

7. Marketing

Selling the good vibes and excitement!

8. Music

Jam sessions for days!

9. Women Studies

When you finally see another woman at work

10. Nursing

Nurses deserve that appreciation

11. Linguistics

Sometimes pronunciation is just too hard!

12. Philosophy

Aristotle is my life, you have to ask all the questions!!

13. Engineering

I love math and science! <3<3

14. Animal Science

Horses, horses everywhere.

15. Psychology

Reactions are everything, that's how the human brain processes experiences.

16. English

God, I love a good book!