9 Ways To Know You Grew Up In Erie, PA
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9 Ways To Know You Grew Up In Erie, PA

A post for my fellow Erieites out there

9 Ways To Know You Grew Up In Erie, PA

Living in Erie, Pennsylvania, is not always what people think it's like. Sure, it is a city, but does it really count as one? No. Not at all. Erie is so small that everyone knows literally everything about the entire place. Coming up with this list was so easy because I knew everyone would get it. Here are nine things only my fellow Erieites would understand.

1. Skateway was the place to throw a birthday party

Skateway was the coolest place to be in Erie for the duration of elementary school, whether it was a school trip or one of the million birthday parties you were invited to. The majority of the throwback songs you know today came from Skateway. And you can’t forget about those light-up binkies that everyone seemed to win from the arcade.

2. You had to go to Waldameer every time they added a new ride

Going to Waldameer in middle school was like being on top of the world. Yes, you’ve come to the point in your life where one of your parents will drop off you and your friends. Now you can go run around like the little hooligans you are. What a time to be alive. Once a new ride is added to the park, the entire Erie middle school population is there.

3. You anxiously anticipate the opening of Sara's diner

Once spring hits, next on the calendar is the opening of Sara’s (maybe if it ever stops snowing). No one outside Erie understands how important this day is. Summer isn’t summer without Sara’s. Whether it's their burgers, onion rings, curly fries, or gigantic sundaes this place was sure to make your trip to Presque Isle so much better.

4. You do anything to avoid Peach Street traffic

By now, most of the people who live in Erie should know the back roads down to the mall from I-90. Avoiding Peach Street has become a natural thing. Since it is the busiest street in Erie, if you end up on it during rush hour, road rage will arise.

5. You're friends with at least one person from each school in Erie

It’s sad how true this is. Erie is so small but at the same time, driving from the east side to the west side is miserable even though it takes 40 minutes tops. After the countless games or meets all over Erie, you were bound to either play a game or compete against half of the city.

6. Shopping at the pretend Wegmans store at the Children's Museum was every kids dream

I would always beg my mom to take me to the Children’s Museum just to play at the pretend Wegmans. I have no idea why this was so fun to us kids but it was. Being able to scan your very own groceries was a great feeling I guess? Just another case of kids wanting to grow up too soon.

7. When the dollar theater closed it was the end of the world

I cannot begin to tell you how upset I was when the dollar theater closed. One of my favorite things to do was to go see a movie for a whopping dollar. Having to come to terms with the idea of paying $9 for a movie was just something no one wanted to do.

8. Family First Sports Park was a fantasy land to most

Family First was single-handedly the coolest place in Erie. Whether it was the go-karts, the rock wall, the indoor (and outdoor) mini golf or the golf dome, taking a trip there was just too thrilling. At the end of the day, you really see how competitive your friends are.

9. If you were lucky, you got to go to Splash Lagoon and Lazer Tag in the same day

In elementary school we would always try to make friends with people who would throw birthday parties or just a fun trip to Splash Lagoon, but next thing you know you’re at Lazer Tag too!? Those friends are keepers. At the age of 19 I’m still jealous of anyone who does both Splash Lagoon and Lazer Tag in one day.

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