I will admit it — I am a control freak. I want control over everything happening around me, or I go crazy. This isn't something I'm proud of, but something I have learned to deal with. Up until a few weeks ago, I hadn't ever watched "Friends." A couple of my friends labeled me as Monica, and I instantly wanted to know what they meant by that. Now I know.

1. You need everything to be clean all the time, and you probably believe you're the best cleaner around.

2. Everything has a spot and you notice as soon as someone moves it.

3. Everything you do has a plan.

4. You hate when someone else changes the plans.

5. You love organizing your life.

6. All of your friends know to clean up after themselves, because you always notice.

7. Everyone thinks you're always put together, but you probably have at least one place full of crap that nobody knows about.

8. You love hosting parties, but you spend the whole time praying that nobody moves anything.

9. You tend to be really uptight, but when you do let loose, you know how to have fun.