10 Types Of Orgasms That Aren't Actually Orgasms
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10 Types Of Orgasms That Aren't Actually Orgasms

Goo-bazookas and baby-cannons not required!

10 Types Of Orgasms That Aren't Actually Orgasms

The volcanic love eruption. The shiver me timbers. The oh-face. Whatever you like to call it, we all get it in more ways than one. Here are some types of body rocket blastoffs that we have all experienced at one time or another.

1. The Foodgasm

Sink your teeth into a succulent filet mignon. Fill your mouth with that sweet, spongy tiramisu. Cram that hot dog down your gullet. Mm, yeah, here comes that foodgasm.

2. The Poogasm

You've eaten a filet mignon, some tiramisu, and lord only knows how many hot dogs. We all know how the body works. In one end, out the other, and sometimes... it's glorious.

3. The Nerdgasm

Alright ya'll, get ready for this. "Pokemon Sun & Moon." There, I said it. Do you feel that? No? "Fallout 4!" Anything? How about "Star Wars VII!" "Harry Potter!" Quantum mechanics! I could probably go on forever, but you look like you're out of breath.

4. The Eargasm

A quiet room, some expensive headphones, and that perfect chord. That bass drop. That angelic voice. It takes you to another world. You feel it in your bones. You cry, you laugh, and you cry again. It's perfection.

5. The Smellgasm

You just lit a Yankee Candle, and the smell wafts into your face like a brick through a window. A window that is your face. And a brick that is a smell. A Yankee Candle smell. A 'gasm that could last all day.

6. The Taking-Off-Your-Shoesgasm

Who said that five inch platforms were a good idea? Or stilettos? Or just standing for long periods of time? You come home, take of your shoes, and WHAM-O! Absolute heaven.

7. The Getting-Your-Head-Scratched-By-That-Metal-Head-Scratchy-Thing

Need I say more? If you just even touch this thing you get chills, 'cause it's that good. Just look at this dog!

8. The Washing-Your-Hands-In-Warm-Water-Or-Taking-A-Hot-Shower-After-Being-Out-In-The-Coldgasm

Sometimes you just want to stay in there for hours. And sometimes you do. Winter, you should go now, or my water bill is going to skyrocket.

9. The I-Had-A-Really-Long-Day-But-Now-I'm-Home-And-Comfortably-In-My-Bed-About-To-Sleepgasm

A lot of things can happen in your bed, and one of those things is the sleepgasm. It's so good, you can't help but smile and roll yourself up like a cute, toasty burrito. Night night!

10. The I-Just-Watched-That-Video-Of-Really-Satisfying-Things-And-I-Feel-At-Peacegasm

You know when you scoop out a spoonful of peanut butter and it's perfectly smooth? Or maybe everything just lines up perfectly. Regardless, when you experience life's little visual treasures, your brain thanks you.

Remember, if you have a 'gasm lasting more than four hours, you should consult your physician. Also, take a nap! Geez, you must be exhausted!

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