9 Tricks For Anyone With Oily Skin
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9 Tricks For Anyone With Oily Skin

Have no fear, the oily skin fix is here!

9 Tricks For Anyone With Oily Skin
Sara Roder

Girl, I got you! (Or for any males out there!) I have battled oily skin ever since the dreaded puberty stage. Sadly, I think I'm stuck with it for the rest of my life. Instead of hating on it, I figured I should find a skin regimen and products that work for my skin type! Finally, after trying many different products I have come across a line that works best for me. Without further ado, here are my tips for anyone with oily skin!

*Note these are products that work for me, you may use other products, but giving a "shout out" to those that work for me!*

1. Wash face every morning and every night.

I'm not kidding you, after a long day nothing feels better than scrubbing off the makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day off of your skin. Find a face wash that will dig deep and clean out your pores. I use Mary Kay's 3-in-1 TimeWise Face Wash. They have a special kind that is fit for oily skin! How considerate! They know we "oily people" exist out there. I also started my boyfriend on this line and he loves it...so it's not just for women! Along with this product, I also use my cleanser brush. It has a rotating head that really gets the dirt out! I never realized how bad I washed my face before until I used my brush for the first time. There was so much makeup left behind, but now, I know that I am getting it 100% clean! Also, I cannot stress how important it is to start the day with a fresh face! Oil comes from hair products, stuff on your pillow, sweat, etc! Washing it all off is not only rejuvenating, but great to control oil throughout the day!

(The MK 3-in-1 TimeWise Face Wash retails for $20.00. It lasts a long time!)

2. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

I just started doing this during the fall and fell in love with the results. You may be familiar with the product above! I bought it from Lush and it was life changing. It is a green-textured mask, but it is so rejuvenating and refreshing. As soon as you put it on your face, you feel the tingles. When you use it, you have to have a clean face! Then, I wet my face down and apply it all over or in the spots where my pores are ginormous. It opens up those pores and exfoliates. Hands down an amazing and effective mask. It takes 5-10 minutes and then you can wash it off and go about your day! You may look like the "Wicked Witch of the West", but it's only for a few minutes #worthit.

(The Lush Mask of Magnaminty retails for $14.95-$26.95 depending on the ounces you want.)

3. Moisturize!

I'm not kidding you! Most people think, "If my face is already oily doesn't that mean its moisturized enough?" The answer to that is NO! Moisturizing actually helps with oily skin! It's a miracle I know! Moisturize after every face cleanse, it hydrates! Personally, I cleanse my face and then moisturize after. I use the Mary Kay TimeWise Moisturizer due to my preference of skin care line! (It not only moisturizes your skin, but fights wrinkles! Yay!)

(The MK TimeWise Age-Fighting Moisturizer retails for $24.00.)

4. Use a blemish toner!

I use this product because it sucks up the oil throughout the day! It basically cleanses the skin MORE and controls shine! What more could we ask for? I use the Mary Kay Clearproof Blemish Control Toner (as pictured above). This has a little percentage of salicylic acid in it. I know people don't like products with this stuff in it and it isn't good for your skin, but this helps control acne if you have troubles with that as well. I use this product in between washing my face and moisturizing. I take a cotton ball or a cotton puff, put a squeeze of this liquid on it, and run it over my face.

(The MK Clearproof Blemish Control Toner retails for $15.00.)

5. If you have clogged pores, use pore extraction tools to unclog them.

This is a process that I ran into a couple of weeks ago, and now I live by it! I bought my tools off of Amazon. The brand is Bestope and it is a set of comedone tools. Before using these tools, I highly suggest watching a few YouTube videos on how the extraction is done. It comes with a set of different tools for different purposes. I run the angled tool over my nose, chin, and forehead (my t-zone; which is extra oily). It is slightly gross, yet satisfying what comes out! I use a magnified mirror to help me see what comes out. Before you do this, you should exfoliate and hold a hot wash cloth over the areas you are going to extract from to open up your pores. After you do this process, apply a pore minimizing serum over the areas and let it set for 15-20 minutes before putting makeup on.

*Side note- this also helps my makeup sit better on my face instead of seeping into my pores and showing little holes on my face.

(The Bestope comedone set retails for $9.99 on Amazon.)

The video I recommend watching before using: (not for the faint of heart)

6. Use a foundation primer, oil mattiffier, and a matte liquid foundation.

If you are a girl and are blessed to wear foundation, then these are key steps! I have tried so many different foundations from drug store to makeup counter foundations, but Mary Kay prevails once again! Their three products that changed my outlook on makeup was their foundation primer, oil mattifier, and matte foundation. The foundation primer is a staple in the foundation process, it basically ensures that your liquid foundation will spread easier and it will make it stay in place all day. Seems like an oxymoron, but it works I swear! Then, I put the oil mattifier on. This literally makes my foundation stay matte all day! Before wearing the oil mattifier and before wearing Mary Kay in general, I had to cake on so much powder to keep my t-zone matte and oil-free. Now, the Mary Kay matte liquid foundation is my favorite product! It is light, airy, but has great coverage! It keeps your skin non-shiny and stays in place all day. I remember wearing Clinique and having heavy foundation with a heavy powder. It clogs your pores horribly. I'm not saying Mary Kay doesn't clog your pores, but it is more skin friendly! Another hint, DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS/FINGERS WHEN APPLYING FOUNDATION! Cringe...please do yourself a favor and use a brush! The oils from your hands transfers to your face...icky!

(MK Foundation Primer retails for $18.00, MK Oil Mattifier retails for $16.00, MK Foundation Brush retails for $10.00, and MK Matte Liquid Foundation retails for $20.00. Many times sold as a set and also sold separately.)

7. Use a translucent loose setting powder.

Again, if you wear foundation or even if you don't! A translucent setting powder will eliminate the shine on your porcelain face. Of course, another shout out to Mary Kay's powder. Their's lasts forever, however you could probably get away with using any brand. The best thing about a translucent powder is that it adapts to any skin color or foundation color you are! You can use it from the summer to the winter without having to worry about being too light or too dark! It's seriously magic! If I for some reason get a shiny spot, I will pack this in my purse and swipe the powder over my face to set my foundation again. It's quick, easy, and perfect for on-the-go!

(MK Translucent Loose Powder retails for $16.00.)

8. If oily, use oil blotter tissues.

I am hooked on these, even my boyfriend is! If he feels like he is oily, he will ask if I have any! (He may not admit to this, but it's nothing to be ashamed of!) It is so satisfying and gross what you get up with these blotting tissues. If you wear makeup, they will whisk away the oil while leaving your makeup perfectly untouched. These are packaged like a tissue pack and are easy to throw in a bag for when they are needed. Again, I swear the makeup industry is genius! hey are always looking out for us oily people!

(MK Beauty Blotters retail for $6.00 for 75 tissues. Literally, the best $6.00 you will spend!)

9. When in doubt, let your skin breathe for a day.

Another good thing for your skin is a break from the makeup. Let it air out for a day! Wash it, use a exfoliate, moisturize, hide out in your room, or embrace your beautiful natural skin! Have a mini spa day and treat yo' self!

Alright guys, if you have oily skin give this a try! Like I said, I've battled it for many years, but now I embrace it. I treat my face with the best of the best products. Yes, some of them are expensive, but I promise you...they work and they are worth it! Spoil yourself! (However, I can bet that these products are cheaper than anything at Sephora...just saying.)

Good luck with embracing your skin and who God made you! Enjoy!

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