Nine Character Traits That Mean You Dislike Confrontation
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Nine Character Traits That Mean You Dislike Confrontation

If you hate fighting and you know it... avoid any and all negativity at all costs

Nine Character Traits That  Mean You Dislike Confrontation

We all know those people who absolutely, 100 percent, cannot bear to fight with anyone. If you are one of those people, you know this to be true:

1. Getting in an argument is one of your greatest fears:

Whereas some people realize that you argue and make up and everything will be fine, to you arguing is a huge crack in the foundation of your relationship with someone. Even if you forgive them, you still can’t help but feel they don’t feel the same way about you, and that possibility terrifies you.

2. People always know you as the placid one

Your friends assume that there isn’t much in this world that genuinely annoys you… which to an extent is completely true. Mostly just inanimate objects annoy you, like when your computer crashes or traffic sucks. Otherwise, you shove your differences with people under the rug. People see that and appreciate it.

3. You never, or at least RARELY, post your political opinions on Facebook

Again, since one of your greatest fears is arguing, you wouldn’t dare to share or post anything that is political in nature. If you do, you must feel extremely strongly about the issue. You might like and comment in agreement with other people’s posts but definitely would not post your own.

4. ... Or post any opinions on Facebook for that matter

Similarly, if you have a philosophical opinion that you think might cause an argument, you refuse to post it. You can’t bear for anyone to get heated with you about it and don’t see the need. You won’t change anyone’s opinion, anyway.

5. When you do somehow end up in an argument, you tend to panic and not know what to say

If you do find yourself in the situation, it’s a code red emergency. You have all of your weaponry at hand and ready, but have no idea how to use it without getting heated or starting something ugly. You always know what to say after the fact, naturally.

6. Your friends tend to nag you to actually pick a fight once in a while because some of them are actually worth picking

Your friends see the issue from the outside and understand the logic while all you have is emotion and fear. So while you believe that no fight is worth picking, your friends see that to an extent, you’re being walked on by others. And they’re right. You do have to stand up for yourself once in a while. There is a huge difference between picking a fight and standing up for yourself.

7. People don’t realize until later on that you were secretly annoyed or upset by something someone did

Since you tend to brush things under the rug as they happen, no one senses that anything is wrong. And people are usually shocked when you talk secretly about the situation negatively later on.

8. Every now and then, something will really irk you and you just snap

While you don’t want to fight with anyone over anything, sometimes you’re faced with a situation in which your biggest pet peeve is tucked tight inside or your least temperate nerve is touched. In which case, all bets are off on your temperate nature. You may just snap the way anyone else would. Except when you do it, people are beyond shocked. I know from personal experience. It’s awkward. But that’s when you see what everyone else usually sees: that all you have to do is apologize and both move on. It isn’t as awful as it seems.

9. You have good relationships with most people, even if you they aren’t your favorite people

You won’t let anyone know about their most annoying qualities… it just isn’t worth it and it doesn’t sit right with you. Mostly because you still like them, and you don’t let their flaws get under your skin.

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