9 Things A Woman Wants From Her Man
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9 Things A Woman Wants From Her Man

Chuck and Blair, Chandler and Monica, Kim and Kanye.

9 Things A Woman Wants From Her Man

I’ve learned that there are a few things a girl wants from a guy when it comes to relationships so I decided to jot them down. Please note that this article is being written from my personal standpoint as a straight female.

1. The Chase

Guys, if you get her without at least a little chase, you both did it wrong. She needs to make you want her and you need to show her that no matter what obstacles she tosses in your way, you’re going to go through them and win her in the end. Girls, you are a prize. Don’t be taken for anything less.

2. Clear Signs Of Attraction

Show her you are into her. Flirt it up. Don’t do anything to contradict your interest in her. For example, don’t tell her she is beautiful and then stop texting her for hours. That’s just confusing.

3. One And Only

Don’t go after me, and Ashley…and Kati…and Haley…and every other girl that crosses your path. If you really want me, you’re going to have to focus on me. It all comes down to loyalty. Can I get an amen? (Amen!)

4. Offerings

I will never tell you I want to randomly be given flowers or a love letter, but I do want to be randomly given those things. I don’t want or need grand presents that you need to take a loan out to buy. The little things matter.

5. The Right Words

Tell me I’m beautiful or that you like my outfit. Compliments will make me blush. Let my face turn bright red. I like when you sweet talk me, but don’t let your actions fall through. Make sure you prove to be true what you say.

6. Show Off

When we are in front of your friends, do not put me to the side. When we are in front of your ex, don’t put me to the side. When we are in front of the jealous girls who have a crush on you, don’t put me to the side. Take me by the hand, keep me at your side and say, “This is my girl, (enter name here).” Oh, and when I’m not around, talk me up to your friends so I look good. Thanks, babe.

7. Physical Attention

It’s honestly effortless. Hold my hand in public. Put your arm around my waste. Kiss my forehead. Show me some physical love.

8. Keep Your Word

If you tell me you’re going to call me at 8 p.m., then call me at 8 p.m.. If you say you’re going to take me out on Thursday, then take me out on Thursday. I understand if you need to cancel once or twice, but consistent cancellations or “rain checks” leads to disappointment.

9. The Chase

You may be saying, “Yo, you already wrote this.” I know, but I’m trying to make the point that the chase shouldn’t stop once I’m officially yours. You should keep trying for your girl and putting effort into having her. Make it known that she is special to you.

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