I’ve been gone from Tampa since December, and I’ve started missing all the things I loved about the city and my school. There are so many things I loved about the city and my campus that I haven’t been able to see or have since I left campus at the end of the fall semester. I’m going on month six away from my second home and I miss it just as much as I miss my hometown. These are all the things I miss from Tampa and my home university, The University of Tampa.

  1. If you know me well, you know the thing I miss the most is the Tampa Bay Lightning.After moving to Tampa for college, I went to my first Lighting game and fell in love with the team. I’ve gone to so many games that the majority of the money I’ve spent in Tampa was on hockey tickets. There’s literally nothing I love more than going to the game and watching the guys play or even just sitting and watch the games. Not being able to watch them play has been a killer for me and I miss it more than anything.
  2. The beautiful UT campus.3. The Caf sandwiches (I love sandwiches).
    1. I’ve had to cook for myself this entire semester, I think I miss not having to cook more than the food on campus itself.
    4. The Taco Bus.
      1. A trip to Taco Bus is time never wasted no matter what time of day. Amazing tacos.

      5. UT soccer and baseball games.

        1. I miss sitting at the games watching the sun set and watching two of my favorite sports. I don’t have many opportunities to sit in the warmth and watch sports here.

        6. The beautiful view from the docks on campus.

        1. Downtown isn’t as busy as everyone thinks but it is one amazing skyline. I miss being able to sit on the river and just look at the skyline more than I thought I would.

        7. The Riverwalk.

        1. I ran here, biked here, walked here at any hour of the day. If I couldn’t sleep I'd walk until I felt tired. The view made runs fly by and made gorgeous spots to watch the sunset.

        8. Bayshore Avenue.

        1. Bayshore is claimed to be the longest continuous sidewalk in the world running 4.5 miles long, which makes it great for walks, runs and biking. It has one of the best views of Tampa at sunrise, the afternoon, sunset and nighttime. The amount of times I’ve biked this or went on walks is ridiculous.

        9. Last but not least, my Greek Life family.

        1. There is nothing I love more than my Greek Life family. My littles, my big, my gbig, and all my sisters hold a special place in my heart. Being separated from them all made me realize how much I love all of them. I miss them with all my heart and count the hours until I get to be reunited with them all again.