Allow me to take you back to 2012: the world was ending, President Obama had just been re-elected for a second term, and the British boyband, One Direction, were in their PRIME.

Almost every girl back then (especially me) had some sort of opinion on the band that shaped the world with their catchy hits, floppy hair, and incredible accents. Before I finally ended up meeting one of them (as seen above) when I was older (and considerably calmer), I was a crazed fan wild for One Direction.

So sit back, blast What Makes You Beautiful, and relate to these 9 things we all did as fans of 1D.

1. You listened to the albums nonstop.


No other music existed when One Direction dropped an album. All that consumed your life was trying to memorize every song and figuring out which member had the most solos, and nothing would stop you until you knew it all.

2. You watched all of the X-Factor videos.


You weren't a true fan until you watched all of the vintage One Direction vlogs and X-Factor performances. What kind of fan would you be if you didn't brush up on your essential One Direction history?

3. You knew all the classic catchphrases.


"Vas happenin'", "I like girls who eat carrots", and "1, 2, 3 FLICK!" were all quotes you would use to prove you were the truest fan out there. They also tended to annoy your parents, teachers, and any non-1D fan because they had no idea what you were talking about.

4. You had a fan account.


How else would you keep up with fandom news? Whether it was on Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr, One Direction fans from all over congregated on the internet to discuss upcoming concerts, Harry Styles' hair, or potential relationships the boys had. Which brings us to...

5. You freaked out when ANY of them got a girlfriend.


Even though you had never met any of these boys in your life, when they got into a relationship, it stung. Your dreams of marrying them immediately went down the toilet, and you were left to hope that they would somehow notice you in the crowd at their next concert.

6. You owned a ton of merch.


Christmas and birthday gifts suddenly became very easy for your family. Every holiday, you'd be showered in more One Direction merchandise than you knew what to do with, and when it came time to go to a concert, you bought even more merch. And it wasn't cheap, either.

7. When they came to your hometown, you stalked their every move.


Your life goal was to meet at least one member of the band, and you would die trying. So when the boys would hop across the pond for a world tour and stop in your city, you HAD to try and get a picture or glimpse of them before they were gone.

8. You went to a concert (and maybe cried)...


Going to your first One Direction concert was truly a religious experience. The boys you had been obsessing over for months (or years) were finally in front of you, breathing the same air. So maybe you shed a tear or two when they played your favorite song. No shame.

9. ...And you may have shed a tear when they broke up.


Sure, Zayn left, and sure, they said it was just a "hiatus", but most likely, the One Direction we all knew and loved is just a thing of the past. Even still, that cringey, crazy, fun time you loved One Direction will always be a part of you. Now when is that hiatus over?