9 Taylor Swift Songs to Illustrate A Relationship's Phases
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9 Taylor Swift Songs to Illustrate A Relationship's Phases

9 Taylor Swift Songs to Illustrate A Relationship's Phases

If you've ever been in a relationship from beginning to end, chances are, you're familiar with the following phases. No person depicts these phases better than Taylor Swift does. She has a song for every emotion we're feeling- Am I right, ladies?

1. "Sparks Fly"

The first stage of any relationship is where the initial spark is lit. The two of you are completely infatuated with each other- that's the best way to put it. You think everything about that other person is perfect. They can do no wrong.

2. "I'm Only Me When I'm With You"

This next phase involves exploring yourself with that significant other. You begin to see yourself in a new light. You're a better version of yourself around them. You like yourself more because of who you become when they're around. You feel unstoppable.

3. "Mine"

You're still obsessed with your significant other but you're beginning to wake up from this dream that you've been living in for the first part of your new relationship. The honeymoon phase, as some might call it, is over. You've already experienced your first fight. Not everything is perfect. You begin to see some of their flaws, but it's nothing you can't work on.

4. "The Story of Us"

Here it is. The beginning of the end. You begin to have doubts about your relationship and you're unsure of what's going on. It's killing you. How could things be changing so quickly? You're not communicating like you used to. You may even feel left out of your own relationship.

5. "White Horse"

*cue the sad music*

*cue the tears*

Here it is, the end. You're sad that it's over. You're reminiscing the past. You're thinking about the future that you imagined having together. You may even be blaming yourself for what happened. It's so hard to believe that it's over.

6. "All You Had to Do Was Stay"

The initial shock of the break up has ceased, but of course, you're still feeling hurt. You're thinking of how things could've played out differently... If only they'd stuck around. The self-blame stage has concluded. Now you're realizing their part in it and you're questioning why they acted the way they did.

7. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

Instead of viewing the break up as a total loss for yourself, you begin to realize what they've lost. You're still feeling a little down, but some of your confidence returns. You have the right to be a bit cocky. You did just get your heartbroken- so you do you, girl. You deserve to be happy.

8. "Picture To Burn"

At this point, all of your sadness has transformed into anger. You want everyone to think that you're over it, but your apparent anger indicates that you haven't... And that's completely fine- you're in the process of moving on. Remember that it is, in fact, a process and it's different for everyone. This feeling may last long for some, or be shorter for others. It all depends on the history of the relationship.

9. "Clean"

It's been long enough that you are now able to take a step back from what has happened and view it through a different lens. You've matured. You're actually moving on now- you are no longer just acting like it. This experience has caused you to grow. You've learned some lessons. You're okay with it now. You know that everything happens for a reason. You made it through the storm and you are finally clean.

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