The 9 Stages Of Returning From Winter Break
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The 9 Stages Of Returning From Winter Break

What do you mean there's class tomorrow?

The 9 Stages Of Returning From Winter Break
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When you first started winter break, it seemed like it would never end. After spending hours and hours at the library to cram for finals, a whole month of free time seems unfathomable. But alas, all good things must come to an end. Here are the stages of returning to college after winter break:

1. Denial

Class? What class? There's no class this week...

2. Packing

You try to pack your suitcase. Except you kinda never unpacked in the first place. And you can't fit your new Christmas presents in your bag.

3. False acceptance

You can totally handle this, you tell yourself. 18 units? Pshhh that's nothing.

4. Glance at your schedule and go back to freaking out

An 8 a.m. lab?! What were you thinking?

4. Remember how much you miss your college friends

Snapchat streaks just don't cut it. You can only go so long without seeing your college BFFs.

5. And all the good times you had together last semester

Back home you were only allowed like, half a glass of wine at a family party.

6. Remember that your actual last semester looked more like this

Sometimes you had beer with you while you watched Netflix, though

7. Face reality

Class starts tomorrow and there's really no way of getting around it. Unless you get hit by a bus on your way there or something*...

*not actually recommended

8. Show up to your classes and pretend to know what you're doing

... on second thought, it's not too late to drop that 8 p.m. econ lecture

9. Remember that you came to get a degree and you're not leaving without one

You got this!

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