9 Life-Changing Signs You've Found A Best Friend
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9 Life-Changing Signs You've Found A Best Friend

You're totally gonna force your kids to be friends.

9 Life-Changing Signs You've Found A Best Friend
Natalie Litton

Having a best friend is so much more than having someone to post pictures with on Instagram or tag in weird things on Facebook.

All friendships are different, but all true best friendships have the following things in common.

1. You can have fun doing anything together

You can be in freaking Disney World, or stuck in a car for hours on end. Doesn't matter because you know you'll be laughing the entire time anyway.

2. You ALWAYS want the best for them

You want them to be successful. You want them to be with someone who's good for them. You genuinely want them to live their best life. Seeing them happy genuinely makes you happy-- and knowing they're sad hurts your heart.

3. There's no need for jealousy

In a true best friendship, you get excited when your bestie gets the job they wanted or makes a good grade on something-- even if its better than yours. No petty jealousy, no undermining their accomplishments. ~good vibez only~

4. You are honest with each other

If they're being dumb as hell, you let them know. If they hate your shoes, they will tell you (and sometimes throw them away when you're not looking!!!) But you know it's out of love. Plus, this way you know they actually mean it when they tell you they like something.

5. You see them in your future

You totally talk about being in each other's weddings and your scheme to force your kids to be best friends. It's inevitable. In fact, you can't imagine your life without them.

6. You can tell them anything

....I mean, who else would you tell? They're pretty much the first person you tell anything that's happening. Whether your crush said something cute or you just tripped and fell in front of everyone on campus-- you're probably prepping a screenshot or sending a text that starts with "OMG I HAVE TO TRANSFER". You can burst into tears together over boys, and then 5 minutes later be dying laughing over something nobody else would ever find funny.

7. Their problems become your problems

If they're going through something, you go through it together. Because you know you can tell each other anything, you never have to go through anything alone.

8. You know everything about them....and love them anyway

Even if they're obsessed with Meghan Trainor and Phineas and Ferb. Even if they'd never heard of Trapped in the Closet before they met you. Even if their favorite show is Teen Mom. Even when they make mistakes (especially then!). Your friendship has no terms and conditions.

9. You bring out the best in each other

You're your happiest, giggliest, most positive self when you're together. How could you not be?!

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