9 Signs That You Might Be a Ravenclaw
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9 Signs That You Might Be a Ravenclaw

Ever wonder if you should´ve been sorted into Ravenclaw instead?

9 Signs That You Might Be a Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw: The house best known for their intelligence and their killer wit. These clever classmates are known to be bright, independent, and sometimes odd. A handful of important characters in Harry´s life spawn from the Ravenclaw house, such as Cho Chang, Gilderoy Lockhart, and the loveable Luna Lovegood. Other than being the resident ¨nerds¨, not much is known about Ravenclaws. We don´t even get to know what their common room looks like until the Deathly Hallows! As a proud Ravenclaw myself, I feel as if my house doesn´t get nearly enough representation. Being a Ravenclaw is a pure honor. Here is 9 signs that you too may be a Ravenclaw.

1. You LOVE space.

¨DID SOMEONE SAY SPACE??¨ It´s a given that Ravenclaws like space. From the moon to the stars and everything in between, Ravenclaws find a fancy in the topic of space; The interior of the Ravenclaw common room is even dotted with stars! Chances are, if you bring up the beauty of the galaxy to a Ravenclaw, they´ll nerd out.

2. You´re the smart one of the friend group.

This one is sort of a given. Ravenclaws are most notably known for being the smartie-pants around Hogwarts. After all, Ravenclaw is the house of most wizarding inventors! You often find yourself helping your friends in Gryffindor study for a test or spouting out random trivia facts to your Hufflepuff pals. Sharing that big brain of yours is one of your favorite hobbies!

3. You´re also the creative one.

Although Ravenclaws are known for their wit, they are also extremely creative. They love reading stories, writing, drawing, and anything else creative you can think of. You could easily find them at their best in a library, art room, or theatre. Ravenclaws are very out of the box. They like to be themselves, no matter how quirky or ¨weird¨ they may seem. Creativity isn´t for the ¨normal¨ people anyways.

4. People think you´re ¨stuck up¨ or a ¨goodie two shoes¨.

A common misconception about Ravenclaws is that they´re a little stuck-up. Ravenclaws are independent and value some alone time from time to time. Because of this, people tend to see them as arrogant, but this is completely false. Us Ravenclaws are actually very friendly and accepting of others, we just like to do some things by ourselves.

5. You take a liking to older things.

They just GET you. Music from the 80-90´s, older movies, little antiques, and stuff like that just appeal to you. There would be nothing better than to sit in the common room, watching Sleeping Beauty, with a cup full of tea and a mound of cozy blankets or going to an antique shop in a small town on a lazy weekend, listening to The Beatles the whole trip down. You don´t really know why, but older things spark your interest,

6. You tend to be a tad eccentric.

Due to Ravenclaw´s extreme creativity, they´re kind of seen as the oddball house. Look at Luna Lovegood, for example; She was insanely eccentric and super smart. Ravenclaws are very individualistic and like to do things their way, even if it means they act a little different. As Dr. Seuss once said, ¨Why fit in when you were born to stand out?¨

7. You value your alone time.

As previously mentioned, Ravenclaws are pretty independent. They like to do things on their own and however they like to do it. When it comes to studying, reading, or working on their new piece of art, we prefer to work alone. Sure, they´re more than happy to help you out with a math problem or have a nice, long conversation, but us Ravenclaws truly value our alone time.

8. You´ve spent WAY too much money on books.

We all know the never ending cycle: You buy a bunch of new books, finish them in a week, have nothing to read, and repeat. It´s agonizing. All that money you got for your last birthday? Spent it on the newest piece from your favorite author. Although all these books are draining your bank account dry, you wouldn´t have it any other way.

9. You accept everyone for exactly who they are.

Ravenclaws are the most tolerant house there is. They have the ability to accommodate people who have different ideas or weird hobbies, and are dedicated to remaining open-minded about people who are different. Ravenclaws are independant, creative, and intelligent enough to realize that intelligence and beauty comes in many different forms.

Did you relate to these? Did you discover that you may be a secret Ravenclaw?

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