9 Signs You're A Pug Parent
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9 Signs You're A Pug Parent

What it feels like to own one of those big-eyed, smush-faced, curly tailed freaks of nature

9 Signs You're A Pug Parent
Elizabeth Gatten

Pug owners are next level dog people; it’s pretty much a cult. I got my sweet baby, Quasimodo, a year and a half ago, and he’s pretty much the closest thing to a child I think I could ever want. One time a guy told me I’m too into my dog and I said, “Well he’s only the light of my life.” For everyone out there who owns one of these endearing little monsters, this one’s for you.

1. You never eat alone.

Pugs are some of the most food-driven pups you could ever imagine. No meal is complete without a little bug-eyed weirdo resting their head on your knee, trying to talk you into giving them just one more bite. Of course you give in, because who could resist those quarter sized eyeballs staring into their soul? Besides, what’s one more piece of pizza crust?

2. Actually... You never do anything alone.

Pugs are also known for getting super attached. The plus side is you’ll always have a companion. The downside is you might have company for things you don’t necessarily want company for, like going to the bathroom.

3. You need ear plugs to sleep with your dog.

Who knew something that only weighs 25 pounds could snore like a freight train?

4. Everything you own has a pug on it.

Other people may have caught on to the fact that you’re obsessed with your dog (as pug people often are). On the bright side, no one is ever in doubt of what to give you for your birthday. On the down side, you might own three of the same mug that says “Bah hum-pug.”

5. You're more concerned with your dog's health than your own.

Pugs are super fun! They’re also chock-full of health concerns (yay!). Collapsing tracheas, obesity, displaced joints, blindness, missing eyeballs! Pug owners just might be the most helicopter dog parents ever, but who could blame us when our dogs are walking mutants? Every pug puppy should come with their own pair of goggles to protect those gigantic corneas. They’re just like a giant target!

6. You have a lot of one-sided arguments.

Pugs are super stubborn. As a result, I’ve become a crazy person who has more conversations with their dog than with other human beings. For example:

“You’ve been licking me for the last ten minutes, please stop.”

“Give me back my sock!”

“I don’t care if it’s raining, that doesn’t give you an excuse to poop in the house.”

“I’m sorry, but it’s too cold for you to go out without your sweater.”

“I know you want to, but you can’t pee on the neighbor’s flowers.”

“I’m sorry if you’re tired, but you can’t just stop walking halfway down the street.”

“Give me back my underwear, you pervert!”

7. You love your dog more than you care about most people.

I post more pictures with/of my dog than I do with any of my friends (or even my boyfriend). I feel guilty being away from him for more than a couple of hours. I have been known to say “I wish I could text my dog and see how he’s doing.” Before I go anywhere, I have to seriously consider if it will be better than snuggling my dog and watching Netflix. Usually, the answer is no.

8. You're always entertained.

Even though he drives me crazy sometimes, my pug never fails to make me laugh. Some of my dog’s highlights:

Wrapping himself up in the blankets and then screaming because he is//// trapped in the dark.

Accidentally rolling off the couch one million times.

Making the best derpy faces in photos.

Jumping into the bath tub without realizing it is full and immediately regretting his decision.

9. You always feel loved.

It’s impossible to be sad when you have a little blob of pure joy fling themselves against you whenever you come home. Even though they are absolutely ridiculous, pugs are super affectionate and lovable dogs. They have a face only a mother could love, but with how much this pug mama loves her baby, it should be more than enough.


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