So it seems that you happen to be interested in somebody, but you're not quite sure if they're that into you.

Let me just tell you, the fact that you aren't exactly sure or are guessing if they like you or not is probably an indicator that the answer might just be in front of you. They may not like you. But don't be discouraged just yet! These signs are just things that I happen to experience and they are not exactly a one-size-fits-all kind of situation. Whether you like girls, boys, or both, and you are wanting to know if they like you back or not, these tips might help!

I know from experience and it turns out that whenever I had a crush on a guy, I have always had my hopes up for someone that 99% of the time was definitely not into me. It can be frustrating and disappointing, especially if you've made the *many* scenarios in your head. Trust me, been there done that.

In addition to that, I have also liked guys who have been very toxic and in need of psychological help, so a few hints listed here might help by warning you for such things to avoid when you are wondering if they like you or not. Maybe you've just got to run away. Fast.

Like I said before, these tips are just based on experiences that I have had in the past and they don't necessarily all have to fit your situation. Maybe you just need to dig deeper. Anyways, enough with the rant, and look no further: these are the top 11 signs that show that they're not into you. Trust me, you will thank me later. If all of these fit your situation, please detach yourself to avoid any more emotional distress.

1. They flat-out say it.

This is the most obvious one. Now, you may think that they may just be unsure of what they want. Now, if they say it, trust and believe them and move on to better things.

2. They ignore your texts or take too long.

I know we are adults and we have different responsibilities that prevent us from being on our phones 24/7. However, if they always have their phone on hand or are always texting someone else when they are with you, that's a big red flag.

3. They always talk about other people they might be interested in. In front of you.

Some people think that if they talk about other people to the person they actually like, they might spark something in them. That just shows us that you're interested in someone else and not us. Thank you, next.

4. They're flaky.

If you happen to make plans with that person and they always have an excuse to never go out with you, just move on, honey.

5. They don't follow your social media/don't like your things.

This kind of ties in with number two because, like I said, everyone has responsibilities they need to take care of. But if you happen to follow them on social media and they don't follow you back or like your things at least once, let 'em go.

6. Their friends don't know who you are.

If someone is interested in you, chances are they always talk about you to their friends. If you happen to meet their friends and they look at you like you've got two heads, keep it moving.

7. They're not fond of physical contact.

As a person who's not so much of a fan of physical contact except for family and a significant other, I know for a fact that if they reject a hug or barely show physical contact, they're not for you.

8. They say "they don't know what they want."

If someone wants you, they will make every effort to be with you! Now, if a person says that they don't know what they want, walk away. You don't want them to yo-yo with your feelings.

9. They make fun of you. In a bad way.

This one may sound a little too harsh but I've experienced it coming from someone that I really liked. If they point out your flaws, insecurities, etc., trust me; you don't want to be around that kind of person.

10. They ignore you in public places.

A person who is interested in you is of course going to want you to acknowledge their presence and vice versa. Someone who ignores you is not playing hard to get, they simply just don't want you.

11. They look past your hints.

If you throw out there some obvious hints that you like them and they just ignore it or don't ever mention it, it most probably means that they don't like you, even if you've tried to make it more obvious.

Good luck finding out