9 Signs You Live In A Tourist Area

I live in a town in upstate New York that is right in the middle of two very tourist attractive cities. My town, sits between Saratoga where the race tracks are and Lake George which was recently coined one of America's most beautiful lakes by Travel and Leisure magazine. I have spent the past six summers of my life working on the lake and living in what I guess you could call a tourist's paradise. This, plus my twenty years of living here, qualifies me to hate tourists. I know, I'm sorry tourists but you're just so damn annoying. Here is why myself and everyone else from my area hate the tourist season.

1. You literally won't leave your house to avoid the traffic.

I will not waste 40 minutes of my life just to pick up toilet paper. I will learn to survive on my own.

2. You feel as though every tourist has to scream when they are talking.

Dude, its Saturday at 9pm, I'm just trying to get a bagel and there is no reason to shout that you see a damn deer across the street.

3. Tourists think that because you live here that you know everything.

No, I don't know the exact date of when the lake was discovered. Its called Google, use it.

4. They are the worst drivers.

I'd honestly rather you come to town via horse and buggy just so I didn't have to share the road with your slow ass.

5. They take 125 years to decide what they want.

I understand you only come here once a year, but I just want my ice cream.

6. The selfie sticks.

I don't know why you feel the need to stop short just to take a picture of nothing. One of these days I will fall over and you will be receiving a medical bill.

7. On top of that, everything is unbelievable to them.

I know this one is cynical, but like, come on the Lake George village is not cute.

8. While everyone's mood is heightened during the summer, yours gets kind of worse.

You'd be mad if you weren't on vacation.

9. Along with that, working at places with high tourist traffic basically means that everyone will be an asshole.

Even though tourists suck, I am so happy that I am from here because I get to experience some of the most beautiful parts of life all in one place. Lake George, I love you. Tourists, go home.

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