9 Reasons SHU Should Be Excited For Fetty Wap
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9 Reasons SHU Should Be Excited For Fetty Wap

It's time to embrace your inner "Trap Queen."

9 Reasons SHU Should Be Excited For Fetty Wap

In the recent news of Fetty Wap coming to Sacred Heart this April, we can’t help but begin to mentally and physically prepare months in advance. The innocent Catholic school students of Sacred Heart are about to transform into true “Remy boyz” and “trap queens,” and it’s going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to this school. Here is a list of reasons why we all should be excited:

1. We didn't have a fall concert.

We all recall the outrage we felt when we first heard there wasn’t a fall concert. We expected big things for the spring. I think it's safe to say the expectations were most definitely met.

2. We get to hear all of our favorite songs live!

"Trap Queen?" "679?" "My Way?" Instant classics. We’ve heard them on the radio billions of times. We’ve all belted them out at the bar with our friends. But, for the very first time, we’ll be seeing them performed live!

3. We didn’t believe WeLive when they said Fetty was coming to Sin City.

We all swore to never go back to Sin City after the dreaded Halloween night of 2014. However, once we saw WeLive advertise a performance by Fetty Wap, we were faced with a serious conflict. To go and risk not getting in, or even seeing Fetty Wap, or to stay home and hope he never showed up? It wasn’t until we saw Snapchat stories from fellow SHU students that we realized we screwed up…big time. He did, in fact, come to Sin City and a majority of us missed out.

4. It’s a cheap buy.

If Fetty were touring, we’d have to spend an arm and a leg for a nosebleed ticket, let alone a ticket for a floor seat. However, us SHU students only have to fork over a small price of $20 for a night with the glorious Fetty Wap.

5. We get a closer look at that eye.

Let’s be real -- we’ve all been dying to get a good look.

6. There’s nothing to do on Friday nights, anyway.

Unless you’re 21-years-old and able to get into the anticipated bars of SONO, there’s not much to do on Friday nights here at SHU. Fetty gracing us with his presence means we have something to do on Friday, April 8.

7. We’re about to receive some of the best bragging rights.

We have a few things to be proud of here at SHU. But, once Fetty comes to perform, we’ll be able to brag about it for years. “Oh, your school had Walk The Moon come? Well, we had Fetty Wap, so, HA!” College concerts are a very serious matter.

8. We deserve some serious fun before final exams.

Let’s be real -- SHU owes us this. The week of final exams is torturous, to say the least. This is our time to live it up before all of our time is spent in the library, slaving away, glued to a textbook.

9. It’s going to be the best concert SHU has ever had.

It was hard for us to turn up to Eli Young Band last year. The Chainsmokers were one step up, but we still wanted more. Fetty is the perfect artist for us to let loose and embrace our inner ratchet-ness. Don’t forget to buy your tickets on Feb. 10!

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