I have spent more time than I'd like to admit obsessing over Harry Styles. I finally decided to approach this addiction head-on and let the world know my dirty little (not so) secret... I LOVE HARRY STYLES. Here are 9 reasons you should too:

1. You'll become uncomfortably territorial.

Don't even think about making him your screen saver or I'll be forced to retaliate. Actually, it's best if you just don't think about him at all.

2. His flamboyant style is crippling.

He looks like an 18th Century Mariachi band member with a high pay grade... and somehow I'm really into it.

3. His moves on stage make my heart skip a beat.

Didn't ask for this. Didn't want this. Don't need this.

4. His face!!!

A true gift from God.

5. His jeans are always too tight.

I'm cool with it.

6. The notes he hit in Sign of the Times

He has a complete lack of respect for my feelings. (Click on image to listen/cry)

7. His ability to make even the straightest of men question their sexuality.

How does he do it? I think it has something to do with his tight jeans.

8. How the very thought of him makes you lose your train of thought.

I'm not even being over dramatic.

9. You'll spend an embarrassing amount of money on his posters. (With zero regret)

I have had this exact poster (along with 20+ others).

Love you, Harry. XOXO