9 Reasons I Fell In Love With My School
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9 Reasons I Fell In Love With My School

9 Reasons I Fell In Love With My School

I am absolutely in love with my school, Lynchburg College. It is my home away from home, my home for eight and a half months of the year, and the place I decided to spend some of the best years of my life. I have made some of the greatest friends and connections of my life, and I don't think that I will ever find a school that is as perfect of a fit for me. Choosing a college is a big decision in anyone's life, and there are usually a few big reasons that lead to an enrollment deposit.

Here are my top nine reasons why I fell in love with Lynchburg College.

1. Community

This is the biggest part of why I chose Lynchburg College -- LC has the biggest sense of community I have ever seen from any college. In my first semester, I knew so many of my fellow first-years, as well as a number of upperclassmen. No matter where I go on campus, I see people that I know and am always greeted with a smile. We are a Hornet Nation and pride ourselves on our community, in making everyone have friends and people to talk to, feel at home, and feel accepted.

2. Smiles at all times from everyone

The first time that I stepped on the Lynchburg College campus, I was greeted with a smile. The first person to smile at me was a student directing traffic for the scholarship competition; I know they were out there waiting in the early morning, in the middle of a cold March, and yet they still met you with a smile. To this day, a good 90 percent of students and staff will greet you with a smile, say hello, nod, or wave.

3. Amazing opportunities

A big thing stressed at Lynchburg College is connections and opportunities. This was obvious from my first interaction with LC when a student asked my major and said: "Awesome. My neighbor back home in California is a CPA. You now have a connection." In all honesty, I was shocked; this kid had no idea who I was but still offered me this connection. As to opportunities, there is at least one event a week to help students build resumes, search for internships and jobs, or create an opportunity to travel the world (such as Cuba, as seen below), explore their field, or just to make a connection to other students.

4. School spirit

I know that every school has a lot of school spirit, but I was shocked with the amount of school spirit from a tiny private school, located near one of the most popular schools in Virginia (Liberty University). Despite our size, we are mighty. We wear our LC red, black, and white with pride, especially when we venture into the heart of Lynchburg (purposefully to go against all the LU love). You will always see students at our games, even in the wind, rain, snow, or losing streak. On Fridays we wear red, and we are #WonNation.

5. Everything is five minutes away.

I have never been a morning person, and Lynchburg College accommodates this. If I don't have coffee in the morning, or a significant amount of caffeine, I am a force to be reckoned with. With LC, you can walk anywhere on campus within five minutes, if you're not in a rush (it's two minutes if you run). The only thing that is not in this range is Domino's, which is about a 10-minute walk, but they make up for it by delivering anywhere on campus.

6. Absolutely beautiful all year

I visited LC in the middle of March, and to set the scene, everything was dead and cold. Despite the bare campus, it was absolutely beautiful. The buildings and architecture provided a classical and historical feel to campus, and with the buildings in a circle around the Dell, I felt like I was home. I can't really explain it, but I just felt at home. Flash-forward to September, a month into classes, when the trees are changing color and the leaves are falling off; our campus was an array of reds, oranges, greens, and yellows. Flash-forward again to March with an early spring; we have 70-degree days, with blooming white, pink, and purple flowers on the trees, and students littering the Dell with lacrosse, baseball, football, books, and homework. With the beauty of spring I fell in love even more with LC, seeing classes being held in our iconic red chairs, and feeling the community growing a little bit stronger.

7. First-year programs

Coming to college is no small feat, and it is a big adjustment. The LC community is very aware of this and provides so many opportunities for students to get to know the campus and each other. We have a program dedicated solely to create events for first-year students, such as pumpkin smashing, canvas paintings, and monthly res-hall dinners. A big part of the first year transition is Freshman Seminar, a class taught by students to the incoming freshman to help them learn about their new home away from home and provide them with a connection and safe place to go. Without this course and these events, I'm not sure I would have the same attachment to my school, nor would I have the same amount of love and pride for Lynchburg College.

8. Scholarships

OK, so everyone knows that finances and scholarships are a big factor in deciding schools; unfortunately, too many students end up at schools that are not the perfect match for them. LC, as a private school, is not particularly a cheap school to attend, but they are very generous in scholarships. Most students receive academic scholarships when they are accepted into the school, and there are opportunities to gain additional scholarship money in the scholarship competition, where students come to campus for a tour, interview with a member of their department, and write a small essay. (You could earn between $1,000 and $5,000.)

9. Westover Honors Program

Westover Honors Program is a big reason why I am at Lynchburg College; I took multiple college classes before I came to college, and Westover worked with me to accept those and graduate in time. Westover is also a great opportunity for ambitious students, and students looking for a greater sense of community. Westover is an alternate general education program, with interlocking, intriguing courses (Harry Potter, Medical Ethics, and Dying and Death courses). #blessedover

All of these reasons won't apply to every student, but if you're currently looking for a college, I hope you find some of these reasons or similar ones when you visit. I hope at least a few fellow LC students can connect with this; I hope every student, no matter what school you attend (even though it should be LC), feels a great connection and love for their school like I do for Lynchburg College.

Disclaimer: All pictures involving students from either my Facebook or Lynchburg College's Facebook.

Learn about LC by clicking here.

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