I go to the gym every day of the week EXCEPT for the first two weeks in January. Why? Well, the gym becomes flooded with New Year's Resolutioners - all with the goal to lose X amount of weight and get in shape. But after two weeks, 80% of them have given up and I can finally get my elliptical back.

I'm honestly not surprised that only 20% of them stick to their goal. People use the New Year as an attempt to make drastic changes to their lives. It's extremely difficult to cut bad habits cold turkey or make complete lifestyle changes in a day. Things like that take time, and it's easy to become overwhelmed by them.

Now that 2018 is here and it's time to decide on a resolution to make, try to be realistic. Don't make a resolution that will be impossible to keep! Be kind to yourself and chose one that is a bit more subtle. New year's resolutions do not have to be completely life altering! Here are a few reasonable ideas for new year's resolutions to get you started:

1. Read more

Reading is super beneficial for the mind. It's relaxing and enlightening. Reading makes us smarter (unless you are reading celebrity tweets). Pick up a few books this year and read them cover to cover. I know it is hard to find time to read, but maybe cut back on your Netflix time to engage in a good novel!

2. Be more spontaneous

I know I'm not alone when I say that I tend to be very routine and comfortable in that routine. Doing random things without planning them in advance can really bring on my anxiety. This year I am going to try to go with the flow more, relax, and enjoy the spontaneous things, and maybe you should give it a go too if you are stuck in the same boat!

3. Be successful in school

A new year bring a new opportunity to excel. 2018 will be bringing on a new spring and fall semester - so make it a point to be successful! Work hard in all of your classes and avoid being a slacker, which brings me to my next resolution...

4. Stop Procrastinating

Have you ever been guilty of waiting until the last possible minute to complete an assignment or study for an exam and then not earning the grade you hoped to? Then maybe it's time to stop procrastinating! This is best achieved by getting a head start on papers and planning out time to study. Next time you find yourself watching Netflix, ask yourself if there is something more productive that you could be doing. If the answer is yes, close that laptop and get to it!

5. Start a journal

Keeping a journal should not feel burdensome. It doesn't mean you have to make an entry every day or log every second of your life. It also does not mean you are keeping a diary! A journal can be whatever you make it out to be. Just write down the things that make you feel happy - things you want to remember. Or, if you are having a rough day, release your frustrations through the ink of your pen. Write a poem or sketch a picture if you are feeling inspired!

6. Drink more water

A lot of people struggle to meet the recommended 8 glasses (64 fluid ounces) of water each day. Make it a priority to stay hydrated in 2018! Keep a water bottle with you at all times! Staying hydrated is beneficial to your overall health. Your skin will be softer, your system will be more regular, and you will just feel better overall!

7. Eat more fruits and veggies

Maybe you do need to start living healthier. BUT that does not mean you need to make a resolution to lose 20lbs in 2018! Start simpler by making it a goal to start eating healthier. Incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet is an excellent way to start making an overall lifestyle change!

8. Take time to relax

We are all guilty over overloading our schedules and being go-go-go none stop. I do it to myself all the time. This results in unnecessary stress. It is important to find time to relax! Being stressed out all the time is not healthy. Find an activity that allows you to release some of that stress, whether it be listening to music, taking a bubble bath, coloring, going for walks, yoga, reading, writing, running, etc. It's amazing what having an outlet can do with reducing stress level!

9. Unplug

So many people are attached to their cell phones and social media. So many people waste so much time binge watching Netflix or playing video games for hours on end. Being so consumed by technology can lead us to miss out on experiences. Spend some time "unplugged" and simply be present in the moment with the people around you. Take in the atmosphere and enjoy life without technology!