9 Realities Of Working A Summer Job

When the semester is over you head back home to relax. Most of us, however, get one or more jobs. Vacation? Not so much.

During the summer before heading back to college is the time to work and save all the money we can before going back to being broke college students again. Here are nine realities of working a summer job before college starts back up again:

1. What You Think Summer Is Going To Be Like:

2. What It Is Actually Like:

3. When You're Trying To Juggle Multiple Jobs Physically & Mentally:

4. When It's Dead At Work And....

5. When The Boss Said You Can Leave Early:

6. When You're Working & All Your Friends Are Out:

7. When Your Coworkers Are Pissing You Off:

8. After Working Both Jobs Back To Back:

9. When You Don't Want To Overwork, But You Need Money For The School Year:

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