As Millennials, we tend to quickly catch on to the latest and greatest trending hashtag or challenge on social media. We aren't really sure why we do this. However, we have no problem jumping at the opportunity to say pointless phrases or do pointless actions in order to go viral on the internet. I am guilty in participating in some of these movements. However, they made great memories!

Here are some (but certainly not all) of the fads that we decided to take part in:

1. Planking

Yes, we all remember trying to make our bodies parallel to inanimate objects. Sometimes we would go through extremes to plank on the exact item we wanted. Nevertheless, our high school selves were obsessed with this action.

2. Coning

This action requires one to order a cone through a drive through, then proceeding to grab the cone by the ice-cream. So instead of grabbing the cone by the cone, like a normal human, they will ruin a perfectly good dessert in hopes to go viral.

3. The Harlem Shake

This universal dance was an exciting time, mainly because it didn't just involve millennials! People across the country were making these videos. This dance required one person to dance, or do some type of action, to the beginning beat of the song Harlem shake. Then, a group would join in once it was their time. Again, they wouldn't necessarily need to be doing a dance, it could literally be any move!

4. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

This one I will seriously never understand. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge was invented for girls to look like they have full lips. They did this by sucking into a cup, and pulling it off. For some reason they decided video taping this action was also a great idea.

5. The Cup Song

Pitch Perfect's star Anna Kendrick inspired the movement with her song, The Cup Song. There is a specific routine that goes along with her song. It requires one to tap and move the cup to the beat of the song. Anna actually preforms this in the movie.

6. Cinnamon Challenge

A painful, yet hilarious movement that took over Youtube a few years ago! The cinnamon challenge required one to consume a spoonful of cinnamon in under 60 seconds. Rarely did anyone ever really complete this challenge. It mostly resulted in people blowing a huge brown puff out of their mouths.

7. ASL Ice Bucket Challenge

This is one of the few trends that actually had a purpose to raise awareness for a cause. People would nominate other people to raise awareness by dumping a bucket of Ice on their heads. If they didn't participate, they would have to donate a certain amount to this cause.

8. Damn, Daniel

A kid followed his friend Daniel around wearing various outfits and shoes, and BAM, it went viral. We aren't really sure why. But it had everyone saying this phrase!

9. The Mannequin Challenge

Various groups, teams, and companies have taken part in this challenge. A group stands completely still and poses, doing whatever they see fit to their environment, while a camera person walks up and down the scene filming everyone's mannequin like stature.

There you have it! Some of the greatest phases that we as internet users have gravitated towards! It will be interesting to see what weird and random events we decided to cling on to next!