Going to college is like entering a whole other world. You're on your own schedule, have to do your own laundry, and make a lot of your own decisions. It's a lot different than what you've been used to, and it takes a bit of time to get into the swing of things.

However, once you get used to your life away from home, it's a lot less scary. College is unlike anything you'll ever experience, so there isn't too much advice I can give, because a lot of things you need to figure out on your own. That being said, there are some parts of college life that can become tricky to deal with along the way.

1. Don't be afraid to ask other students questions.

Figuring out where you're going can be very confusing because you're in a brand new place. Most of the students around you understand how you feel and will be more than happy to help you with whatever questions you have about the school.

2. Remember to check in with your family.

You will become very busy at college, but make sure to take the time to update your parents on how everything is going. Just sending your family a quick text will be sure to ease Mom's worried mind, and it can also ease your mind, too.

3. Make sure to make room for school work.

Getting caught up in the party scene can be a lot of fun, but always remember that your #1 priority at school is to get a degree. Putting focus on your school work is essential to doing well in college. Make sure you have a balance between going out and getting work done. It may be hard, but it's definitely possible.

4. Step out of your comfort zone.

College is the time to experience a ton of new things. Never be afraid to try new things and join new clubs. You'll meet a lot of new people along the way that can end up becoming pretty good friends.

5. Make time to exercise.

Going from playing sports in high school to doing absolutely nothing is a huge change. The freshman 15 is REAL, people. Make sure you are doing the best you can to head to the gym a few times a week. It's hard to get motivated between all of the work and activities, so be sure to get into a routine of working out.

6. Know your limits.

You can interpret this in a lot of different ways. Know your limit of how much work you can do in one day. Spending your entire day in the library can actually drive you insane, so make sure you know when to take a break from school work and give yourself a breather. Also, if you like to go out, know your limits if you're drinking. College is a lot of fun, but always make sure you're being responsible and safe.

7. Remember you're not alone because everyone is in the same boat as you.

Your roommate, your classmates, and a majority of the people living around you are most likely going to be college freshmen as well. Being a freshman is very nerve-racking, but everyone around you pretty much feels the same way. You're all going through the same thing together, so try to be as outgoing as possible when making friends.

8. Save that cash you made over the summer.

Believe me, you will eventually get sick of the cafeteria food and want to blow all your money on real food. I get it. However, you don't realize just how fast all that cash goes. Try to limit yourself to how much you spend a month.

9. Live every moment to the fullest.

College really is some of the best years of your life. Make sure to take advantage of every moment and have as much fun as possible. It goes by in the blink of an eye, and then you're shipped off to the real world, so enjoy it! Always appreciate the time you have and create memories that will last a lifetime.