The 11 People Every Squad Has
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The 11 People Every Squad Has

Your family away from home.

The 11 People Every Squad Has

We all have our own squad of friends that we hang out with day in and day out. For better or for worse, they're always there for you, and you know that you'll always be there for them. Other than the amazing support a tightly knit squad provides, there's also something magical about the way that everyone fits into their own role within the group. So, here are 11 friends you will always find in any squad.

1. The Squad Mom

In every squad there is an amazing squad mom. He/She's the one who always has Band-aids, bottles of water, and who knows what else in that bag. He/She always come prepared. Squad moms are also always there to take care of you when you're down, but aren't afraid to keep you on track and get you to do your work. The only problem? He/She is always so worried that they never seem to get his/her work done.

2. The Caffeine Addict

In college, drinking some coffee to survive a long all-nighter is nothing new. But the Caffeine Addict is something else. As far as you're aware, his/her veins are flowing with pure caffeine. He/She can't start the day without coffee and their trash is spilling over with crushed cans of Monster and Red Bull. Would an intervention benefit them? Possibly. But the squad is just too afraid of what the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal will be.

3. The Responsible One

The Responsible One always has his/her stuff together. Even during finals week when everyone else is freaking out and cramming, The Responsible One is always calm, cool and collected. His/her room is impeccably neat, he/she always does his/her laundry on time and somehow gets to sleep at 9 p.m. on the dot. Every night. How does he/she do it? No one knows.

4. The Not-So-Low-Key Angry One

We all know that one person in our squad who is always ready to fight someone for you. Is your TA being hard on you? The Not-So-Low-Key Angry One will fight them for you. Having boy or girl problems? The Not-So-Low-Key Angry One will fight him/her, too. Frankly, he/she'd fight the whole campus if given the chance. He/she always seems to be the shortest of the squad and as much as you love him/her, you're often left wondering how his/her small body can contain so much anger.

5. The One Who Does Everything

When you say everything, you really do mean everything. From working a job almost every day of the week to being deeply involved with the local community service club to singing a solo in one of the many acappella groups on campus, his/her schedule is always packed. You're never really sure how The One Who Does Everything gets all of it done. Are they superhuman? Do they have Hermione's time turner? Who knows. But one thing's for sure: the only thing they don't do? Sleep.

6. The Chill One

No matter what's going on, The Chill One always seems to be absolutely relaxed. The whole world could be ending and he/she couldn't even be bothered. When it comes to making plans, he/she never has any input beyond "I'm good with whatever." Some of his/her other favorite responses might also be, "I don't really care either way," "Nah, it's really fine," and just a noncommittal shrug.

7. The One Who Can Fix Anything

Whenever something goes wrong The One Who Can Fix Anything always seems to be able to fix it...kind of self-evident fact there. Your drawer is messed up? That's fine; just call The One Who Can Fix Anything up and it'll be repaired in no time. Not to mention that he/she also always seems to have the tools right on hand to get right to work. You only wish he/she could work magic on your grades.

8. The Excessive Punner

You love The Excessive Punner. You hate The Excessive Punner. There is not a moment in his/her life that is not filled with a bad pun. When hanging out with Punner, you run the constant risk of spraining your eyes from rolling them too hard. Sometimes the squad thinks about exiling The Excessive Punner from the group but no one's really sure how to live without constant punny quips. There will never be someone punnier than The Excessive Punner.

9. The Mysteriously Missing One

Where did this person come from? Where did this person go? No one really knows. You just hope he/she is happy wherever he/she is. Still, The Mysteriously Missing One is always an unquestionable part of the squad and his/her presence is always welcomed.

10. The Overenthusiastic Supporter

Whenever you feel like you just can't, the Overenthusiastic Supporter always reminds you yes you can. You CAN do it. And there's really nothing like having your own personal cheerleader keeping you charged and ready for the next obstacle. The only problem is that the Overenthusiastic Supporter can go a little overboard. Should you really spend that much on food? Probably not. But the Overenthusiastic Supporter is going to tell you to just do it anyway.

11. The Health Nut

Everyone knows about and will eventually get the dreaded freshman fifteen—except for the Health Nut. While everyone else is pigging out on a delicious pizza at four in the morning and breaking into a stash of hidden sweets, the Health Nut is perfectly content with his/her organic fruits. You might be taking the day off as a couch potato, but the Health Nut is either down at the gym working out or going through a relaxing yoga routine. Ultimately, the squad all wishes they could be as studious as the Health Nut, but those 3 a.m. cookies are just too good to say no to.

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